Sleeping is an inescapable necessity for all of us. It allows us to recharge our batteries and take on a new day, hopefully, armed with energy and enthusiasm derived from a good night’s sleep. Whether for a nap or your nightly snooze, our bedroom is the place we retire to more or less each and every day which is why finding a mattress that’s right for you is crucial.

With a plethora of beds in different materials and sizes available at our fingertips, being spoilt with a variety isn’t the problem, it’s rifling through the mattresses to find what works for you to make your sleep something extraordinary that matters. When waking up on the wrong side of the bed is a daily hindrance you’d rather avoid, who needs an ordinary night’s sleep anyway?

For a guide on what to think about and look for when buying a new mattress, your first top tip is to start reading!


Your mattress isn’t something you want to buy on a whim. It’s one of those important purchases in your life where investing time and research will help you to make a decision now that you won’t later regret. Take time to read about mattress brands online, look at mattress types (such as memory foam and hybrid mattresses) to explore the pros and cons and visit reputable sources like this website to enhance your knowledge and help you move closer to purchasing the best bed for you.


If you’re in a position where your morning routine consists of you attempting to get over last nights poor sleep, speaking to a doctor first and foremost is essential to discuss any health conditions you might have (e.g. insomnia or back pain). However, following this, once you are aware of how to alleviate your pains, you can begin to research a mattress that will support your body at night in the best possible way. Be it supporting vital pressure points and joints with a firmer mattress, or perhaps opting for a pillow top mattress for some much-needed comfort to provide a seamless transition to the land of nod.


Your mattress is an investment; hopefully, one that shall last you a while and so the longevity of your mattress should be taken into consideration. Your bed supplier or manufacturer shall be able to provide you a rough indication of how long the mattress is likely to last before you need a replacement. This will give you an idea of whether it gives you a reasonable lifespan for the cost you are expected to pay.


The safety net you need when buying a mattress rests within the details of the warranty you are supplied with your new bed. Feel free to query this with the salesperson you speak to, gauge the conditions of the warranty and if there is a trial period, ask how long this is for. A trial period is ideal for most people, especially when they have ordered a bed online. It means should your mattress be a poor fit for you, you may request to change your mattress.

Before taking the plunge to purchase a new bed, use the top tips above of; researching, assessing your health needs, querying the lifespan of the mattress and the warranty before committing to your new soft furniture.