Zoom teeth whitening as the name suggests, helps you whiten your teeth. But it is different from how you know regular teeth whitening to be like. It is more of a bleaching process that people use all through the country and across the globe to lighten the color of dentin and enamel.

Most people face tooth discoloration because they consume a lot of caffeine. Beverages like tea, coffee, soft drinks, and even red wine can discolor your teeth. Smoking is inevitable damage for your teeth, and it does stain your teeth too.

Our natural aging process is also a reason why our teeth start discoloring. Zoom teeth whitening process needs experts like Drescher & Cohen DDS to use an advanced power chairside lamp that accelerates the bleaching process and activates 25% of hydrogen peroxide whitening. When the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, it allows oxygen to enter the dentin and enamel and recognize bleaching on stained teeth. It doesn’t disrupt the structure of your tooth and heals it anyway.

How to consult a dentist for Zoom teeth whitening?

You might think that zoom teeth whitening is the best for your teeth condition, but you first need a dentist to confirm that. An expert dentist that specializes in zoom will examine your gums and teeth. Once he knows the condition your teeth are in, he will ask you about oral hygiene and eating habits. These two processes will help him figure out if zoom teeth whitening works for you or not.

Your dentists might ask you to undergo another form of whitening if you agree upon cosmetic dental procedure like composite bonding or veneer. It helps you ensure a better match between restoration and natural dentition. You might also need this after removing braces. Your teeth condition and goals towards changing the way your smile looks are also factors that determine your dental cure.

During consultation and evaluation, your dentist takes note of every dental work. For example, veneers and crowns do not react to modern whitening methods. How to make an impact on such a tooth is also essential for the dentist to consider.

How zoom teeth whitening works?

The zoom procedure to whiten teeth takes you around an hour. You need to go through a teeth-cleaning process before doing this whitening session. The method begins by covering your lips and gums and leaves the teeth exposed.

Next, the dentist applies the hydrogen peroxide gel for whitening the teeth. It works with zoom light that penetrates the teeth and breaks the stains. The gel stays for 15 minutes along with the activated light. At this time, you can relax, watch TV, surf the internet or listen to music.

The dentist then repeats the 15-minute sessions twice along with light, so it takes more than 45 minutes. People with anxiety issues or strong gag reflex can find it tough to go through this process. You need to prepare yourself to allow this to happen to you mentally. The dentist finally applies a fluoride paste-gel on the teeth to reduce sensitivity.

How to maintain teeth after zoom teeth whitening?

The dentist will give you a home-use kit for touch-up that includes customized whitening trays. You must follow the dentist’s instructions to figure out how and when to use the equipment. The dentist might also need you to visit more often, especially if he doesn’t give you the home-kit.

To maintain healthy teeth, you need to avoid having certain kinds of food and beverages. You should restrict them and consume in moderation so that it doesn’t stain your teeth. Try to avoid drinks that have caffeine in it. Also, let go of tobacco as it leaves the worst stains on your teeth. Your dentist will give you tips to maintain oral hygiene (that is more than brushing and flossing) to prevent further teeth staining.

Thing to consider

Many people have sensitivity issues during the treatment. The light makes your teeth feel the heat and is a source of discomfort. You might feel minor tingling right after the process, but that tends to dissipate. If you already have teeth sensitivity, you must tell the doctor about it. He/she will apply specific toothpaste before the treatment to lessen sensitivity.

Note that this process is only for people above 13 years of age and not recommended for expecting or lactating mothers. Teeth lightening might not work for some people as much it works for others. If you think it is right for you as your friend did it, the results might disappoint you. Only your doctor can determine how well it can work for you.

Finally, you also need to consider the cost of going through a zoom teeth whitening process. It takes around $500 and includes the home-kit. Different places will charge and serve you differently, make sure you choose the best in town!