Getting rid of hair is probably one of the most important to do things on the list of a woman. When you have a hectic schedule to keep up to, it is difficult to make your regular waxing appointment most of the time you end up showing up at work without getting your legs waxed. Most women decide to wear clothes based on the growth of hair on their body and they end up compromising on what they would like to wear only because they could not make it to their wax appointment. While waxing was the most popular method of hair removal for women for many years, there are new ways that women are now getting used to and in case you are wondering which of the methods are effective, then here is a detailed list of hair removal options you should choose.


Waxing is one of the most long lasting hair removal methods that you can opt in for. However if you want to get waxed you need to be prepared to spend long hours in one sitting and you also have to be prepared to bear the pain. Waxing is quite painful and it is not a quick process which means that you need to take out at least an hour or two out of your busy schedule to get waxing done efficiently.

You can wax all the parts of your body but if you would like to wax more intimate areas it is always recommended to choose a more delicate wax such as a chocolate wax or wax gel. You can also invest in wax strips that you can purchase and use at home. These come in very handy in case you want to get rid of underarm hair or get your legs waxed so that you can wear your favorite skirt to your meeting.

Laser Hair Removal

This is a social solution to getting rid of hair permanently and although it might sound expensive it happens to be the most cost effective. While you will pay a lot of money to get a laser session done you need to remember that once you complete the procedure you will never need to worry about hair removal for the rest of your life. Alternatively, you can carry out the laser treatment at the comfort of your home also. For more information, go through this in-depth guide on top laser hair removal devices before starting the procedure by yourself.

Laser is an effective way to get rid of hair from all parts of your body. You need to understand that you cannot get rid of hair completely in one session and if you would like to choose laser then you might have to consider getting at least three to four sessions depending on the amount of hair on your body. The more the hair growth the longer it takes to you to get rid of hair and the more sessions you will need to attend.


Shaving is the quickest and the most painless process that you can undergo when it comes to hair removal. There is no denying that shaving is fast and effective but the only problem with shaving is that you need to invest in a good quality razor that can help shave close to the root so that it gives one an impression of clean and smooth skin.

If you have a lot of hair that grows on your body then shaving might not be the right solution for you because it will continue to grow back really fast and you might have to shave two to three times a week. While you can shave most of the areas of your body you might want to keep the razor away from your face because it doesn’t really give you a feminine look if you continue to shave your face.

If you want something that is easy to use and still last longer then you might want to consider investing in an epilator instead. There are some amazing epilator options available in the market that you can choose from and these epilators give you the freedom of getting rid of hair from your body in the comfort of your own home. The best thing about an epilator is that once you have run an epilator over your body you won’t have to worry about the hair growth on your body for a long time.