Laser Piles Treatment is considered to be the most effective and effortless for treating piles. The patients suffering from piles have had the best results from the laser treatment. Laser Treatment is now considered as the best option than the standard piles surgery.

Hemorrhoids or Piles is not a very uncommon disease. The number of cases of piles has readily increased in the past few decades. Most of the times, people fail to identify the signs and symptoms of piles in the initial stages. Due to insufficient knowledge, many times people are unable to know that they have piles.

What are Piles?

Swollen veins in or around the anus and anal opening are called piles. Piles may be a result of several reasons, most common of which is found to be insufficient fiber intake, dehydrated body and poor, unhealthy lifestyle involving long hours of sitting in the same position. Several cases of piles have also been found in children at a very young age. Reasons for piles are different in different age groups.

How did you get Piles?

Regular constipation- A patient suffering from constipation for a prolonged period does not have a normal bowel cycle. Such a person is most likely to be effected from piles in the near future, if not treated constipation.

Lack of fiber in diet- Fibrous food is very important for normal bowel movements. We eat all kind of food, without looking at its nutritional value or so. Intake of junk food has also increased. In such cases, a fiber-rich diet is essential else it will lead to irregular bowel movements or hard stool, leading to piles.

Less intake of Water- Drinking insufficient quantity of water leads to a dehydrated body, that further leads to hard stool formation, resulting in piles. That is the reason, it is suggested to drink plenty of water, so that the body temperature, blood pressure, metabolism stays stable which further helps in steady bowel movements.

Staying on the toilet seats for a long time- Due to improper diet or less intake of water, there can be hard stool formation, which can be troubling at the time of passing stool. Applying a lot of pressure repeatedly for a long duration while passing stool in such stages can rupture the veins around the anus and anal opening, leading to piles and bleeding.

Laser Treatment is the Best solution for Piles

Laser treatment have delivered more promising results as compared to open surgery. The Piles laser treatment is a new advanced technology that does not require the surgical removal of piles. With the use of laser technology, piles can be treated with no pain and convenience to the patient.

Laser Piles surgery involves no pain. There are no major post-surgery complications in case of laser piles treatment.

If treated with laser treatment, piles have a very minute chance of recurrence. There are no diet restrictions after laser treatment. The patient can resume his normal daily schedule, including physical activities, right after the laser piles surgery.