What is the right CBD Dosage?

It is easy to think that the use of CBD is still in the wild west stage. People are now aware that it is beneficial for health and that it brings relief from a long list of health problems and there is a huge move towards the its use. One by one, governments are legalizing it. What is still outstanding is the issue of dosages because there is no directive from government agencies yet.

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Right now, people are taking anything from 30mg per day, but is that enough? Anyone who is new to CBD will ask, what is the right dosage for CBD and the current right answer is, “Whatever works for you.” Basically, new users have to start from a low dosage and increase it gradually until they come up with a dosage that is effective for their needs.

While there are innumerable articles about the many benefits of CBD, there are few that discuss the correct dosage. We are all used to national government agencies providing guidelines for supplements but right now there is no Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for CBD. In other words, CBD does not have an official serving size per day. This can be confusing and worrisome for people with health problems who genuinely need guidance.

Because of this lack of official guidance, consumers are blindly estimating their dosages. They may use recommendations from brands and companies that manufacture and sell CBD. Others rely on friends who claim to be experts because they have used CBD before but these friends are talking from their own experience which worked for their own problem. It is common to hear a friend saying, “Take one dropper of CBD per day.” This is definitely a dosage that may have worked for a friend who suffered from headaches and is being recommended for a friend who probably has epilepsy. The general one dropper of CBD does not take into consideration important factors such as:

  • Concentration of the CBD in the product.
  • The weight of the person.
  • That person’s body chemistry.
  • The nature of the health problem.
  • How severe the condition is.

This is unfortunate because one dropper of CBD per day may not work for the individual who needs it. That person, like all others, will have to go through trial and error until they come up with a proper dosage.

What the Scientific Community Say About CBD Dosages

When GW Pharmaceuticals tested its 99% CBD-based drug Epidiolex on epilepsy sufferers, they started on 2-5mg per kilogram of body weight per day and increased it until the subject reached tolerance or up to 50mg/kg per day. For a person weighing 60kg, the maximum dosage reached would be 3,000mg per day while for the one weighing 15kg it would be 750mg per day. (1). There have barely been other trials. Therefore, there is insufficient clinical evidence for anyone to say that a person should take this much CBD per day for this condition. Any CBD user will get to his/her through trial and error which involves a lot of patience.

There is no Universal Dosage

According to scientific findings, CBD can be tolerated at fairly high doses with only a few side effects. There is one consideration though – there might never be a universal dosage of CBD. Why? According to neuroscientist Nick Jikomes, with time the body changes and our physiology changes too. Those changes include the receptors in the endocannabinoid system which interact directly with CBD. That means, what you need today for a particular condition will differ from what you will need for the same condition in ten years’ time. Your optimal dosage will shift over time as the body changes.

How to Find the Right CBD Dosage

There are three easy steps that you can follow to find the right dosage for you.

1. Make an Estimate Using Your Body Weight

We all differ in weight and generally those with more weight require more CBD than those who are smaller. The generally recommended starting dosage is 1-6mg of CBD per 10 pounds (4.5kg) of body weight. A person weighing 100 pounds can start from 10-60mg of CBD while a 200-pound person can start from 20-120mg of CBD per day.

2. Start with a Low Dosage and Increase Steadily

Here is one common scenario. You and your friend may both weight about 180lb. Your friend takes 50mg of CBD two times per day and he is happy with the effects. Now you want to start taking CBD too and he recommends that you follow his dosage since you are the same weight. That is not necessarily going to work well for you because weight is not the only factor that affects the efficacy of CBD in your body. Body chemistry matters. Your body chemistry is different from your friend’s body chemistry. This is because of the different substances, supplements, medications and other things that you put into your body. Therefore, you are going to react differently to CBD.

The best way is to determine your starting dosage using your weight. Keep track of your dosage and body reactions. Gradually increase your dosage while you monitor your body’s reactions. You will come up with the perfect dosage for you and your situation.

3. Consult Your Physician

If you have an existing medical condition under the care of a physician, it is wise to consult your physician when you decide to take CBD. That way you will get professional guidance as to the dosage and interaction with other drugs that you may be taking.

Final scoop: CBD is safe, but make sure you buy good quality

In 2016, scientists performed a comprehensive safety and side-effect review of CBD on humans and animals. According to their findings, CBD is quickly absorbed and it quickly passes the blood-brain barrier, has low toxicity, and it has an exceptional safety profile on many doses. There are a number of side-effects such as diarrhea, change of appetite, weight changes and tiredness. To be sure of dosage and safety, purchase only good quality pure CBD products like the terravidaonline.com range available on this website. Ultimately, to produce safe CBD requires that it is free from pesticides and herbicides – and most certainly not produced in countries like China where soil contamination is a large-scale problem. As the most prominent CBD isolate wholesaler in the US, Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP) said recently in a newsletter: “the safety of consumers comes first, by focusing on quality, that is the only way people will experience the real intended benefits of CBD cannabidiol”.

CBD has been tipped in the news as being the type of commodity that may soon be in short-supply. For this reason, it is imperative that beyond dosages, people pay careful attention to product certification as many retailers will try to make up shortages by importing inferior products from Asia.