There comes a time in our life when we have to disconnect from everything that surrounds us by simply spending 10 days in a wood cabin somewhere deep in the mountains.

The digital age has reached its peak and we need to put it under control by organizing and prioritizing our health as the number one factor. Often too busy with success and career we don’t realize we need some wellness in our daily lives. It is up to us to outline the word “wellness”. What does wellness mean to you? Maybe detox from social medias or some kind of fitness, yoga, meditation or even Reiki? Learning a new language?  

Think about it, you still have 8 months in 2019 to decide if your New Year’s resolution is still valid. Like every year so far, we have new upcoming trends from nutrition, dietary programs, cosmetics, make-up and wellness.

Healthy eating trend

It is almost impossible to imagine culture around the world, which has not used at some in time, healing plants as the basis for its medicines. Many have used acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, remedial therapies and traditional Chinese medicine.

Even though it exists for thousands of years and it originates from India, the Ayurveda way of living has found its way back in 2019. Of course, there are people whose only way of life is Ayurveda (from different body exercise, food, approaches to life and so on), but this year we can consider Ayurveda lifestyle as a total mainstream.

Today, you can find one of the Ayurveda herbs in almost every wellness juice shoot or a smoothie, from basil to turmeric and ginger. The Ashwagandha plant is also being consumed in India for centuries, today you can find it as a great herbal substitute to help cure anxiety and some hormonal issues.

“Almighty” CBD Oil

Everybody is talking about CDB oil these days, its effects and health benefits. Last year was a total fuss over CBD that got everybody talking; is CBD psychoactive, does CBD contain THC? The answer is NO. While both are compounds found in the marijuana plant, THC is psychoactive, whereas CBD is not. Therefore, apart from other differences between the two, the main and the most important one is that CBD cannot make you ‘high’. CBD has a broad range of cannabinoids, which contains a variety of essential vitamins and other ingredients, bringing on health benefits.

Offline is the new luxury

Whatever we do, we need to do it in balance. Nowadays we are being bombarded by a variety of different apps and social networks. Spending too much time on social media can distract you from the more important things in life.

The Internet is one of our civilization’s greatest achievements. We have definitely evolved in many ways, but we need to learn how to control it. It is really important to learn how to use web content smartly, otherwise we can become the victims of it. Learning to unplug from the daily online distractions can be such a great wellness.

Live for the moment

Most of our lives we expect, we predict, we wait for something. In the meantime we forget to live in the moment. The power of the eternal now is immaculate. We believe that “being in the moment” is such a great wellness for our body, mind and soul.

Whatever your background is, wherever you are you can afford this “trend”, because it does not cost a thing, all you need is to persuade your mind that the present matters. Stop for the moment, look at the sky, feel the fresh breeze or simple create a cozy atmosphere for yourself by lighting a candle or cleaning the negative energy of your space by sage. Yes, this is the new luxury.

Take care of you mind and soul

Our body and mind is one, therefore by improving your physical well-being you are improving your mental health and vice versa.

Work on your emotional energy, whether you are going to meditate, read books, or just simply lay down on the grass and watch the clouds immersing through the vast sky. Also, don’t forget to eat healthy and to take health supplements such as; probiotics, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

There are many products on the market, which can benefit your health. For example try with the chewable probiotic gummies, a dietary supplement that promotes digestive health, helps with weight loss, boosts immunity and helps prevent colds.

The simple life

Disconnect from your digital gadgets (or at least limit the use) and connect with your family and friends. Have we forgot the importance of saying, “I miss you” in person?  We are often too busy or we think that way, we forget to visit our closest. Don’t text your mother by saying “I miss you”, go on and visit her.

Isn’t it wonderful to just eat, move and sleep? Aren’t you tired of different health and fitness apps telling you what to do and when? Instead of being plugged in 24/7 to it, go out and release your inner animal (eat, move and sleep).