Our overall appearance makes the first impression about us. First impressions are important because they leave a lasting effect on our relationship with other people. Skin plays an important role in a person’s impression because it tells a lot about the person, especially in hygiene territory. Maintaining your skin’s health in par condition is a good way to leave a great first impression.

Importance Of Having A Healthy Skin

Although the skin plays a great function in someone’s appearance, the skin is also the largest organ of the body and it is critical that we take care of it. The skin is the body’s first protection against bacteria and viruses before they can even expose us to more dangerous situations. Skin also functions as the body’s first protection against the ultraviolet light which can damage cells. Healthy skin will also help in maintaining the body’s temperature. The skin has a lot of functions, so it is important to take care of it the best way that we can.

10 Skin Care Routines To Have A Healthier Skin

1. Wash Your Face Everyday (Especially Before Bed)
This is the most basic requirement when it comes to taking care of your skin. Make sure to wash your face with a good soap and clean water every day to remove the dirt that accumulates throughout the day.

2. Remove Make-Up Before Going To bed
Before going to bed, it is important to remove make-up from the face. Make-up particles, as well as the dirt that accumulated, can cause clogged pores or even worse, infection.

3. Find Your Own Dermatologist
Finding a good dermatologist near you is also important. If you’re from Myrtle Beach, find a myrtle beach cosmetic dermatology residents trust. The dermatologist can help you and give you suggestions in taking care of your skin. Professional guidance is important to avoid unnecessary frustrations, especially when it is skin-related.

4. Get Enough Sleep Every Night
Your skin is also affected by the things that you do and your own habits. If you feel tired after not getting enough sleep, your skin will feel it too; skin can sag and be dry. Rejuvenate your skin every day by also rejuvenating yourself and make sure to have enough sleep. Adults should have at least 8 hours of sleep every day to stay well rested.

5. Drink Enough Water
The majority of the body’s components are made of water. To invigorate the cells and promote the growth of new cells, one must consume enough water every day. Eating fruits and vegetables with high water content is also recommended.

6. Wear A Sunscreen When Traveling
Traveling enables you to see a lot of new places and do a lot of new things. This might be a fun experience for you, but not for your skin. Since traveling can sometimes expose you to a long amount of time under the sun, your skin can sustain damage that will pile on as long as you travel. Applying sunscreen while traveling is recommended as it reduces harmful sunrays to damage the body.

7. Exfoliate Regularly
Every day, billions of cells are being produced by our body. On the other hand, billions of cells also die and are being replaced. However, dead skin cells will accumulate on the surface and will make the skin appear dry, dark, and uneven. Develop a habit of exfoliating your skin on a regular basis, especially on elbows and knees.

8. Minimize Eating Spicy, Salty, and Fermented Food
“We are what we eat.” A healthy diet provides a great appearance to the skin. By maintaining good water drinking habits and a diet rich with fruits and vegetables, the skin will have its best appearance.

9. Exercise Daily
When you exercise, it doesn’t only enable the burning of fat. Exercising is also a good way to accelerate the cleansing process of the body. Make sure to moisturize and exfoliate the skin after exercising.

10. Try Not To Change Skin Care Products Frequently
Replacing and changing skincare products once every week will only drain your savings away. It also makes you unsure of what’s working best for your skin. Give a product at least a month in order to see the full effect of the product. If the product creates unpleasant conditions such as rashes and irritation, stop the product immediately.