Mental health is as important as, or maybe more than, physical health. It is only possible to take care of your body if your mind is healthy and working well. Depression, anxiety and stress is taking over a huge part of the world’s population. Mental health awareness is growing each day to inform and educate people about the well being of the mind.

Patients suffering from depression and stress have a hard time living life and in some severe cases it can cause impairments and even death. There are many ways of managing stress and depression, like prescription medicines, therapy etc. Cranial Osteopathy is one such effective way of managing depression and stress.

Let’s first understand what is cranial osteopathy. It is one of the effective ways of managing stress, depression and anxiety. It is focused on the musculoskeletal system of a patient’s body to relieve it of built up stress and tension. It increases the function of the cranial nerves.

It is effective in relieving stress and depression in the body because it releases the stress in the muscles around the brain, spinal cord and stimulates the spinal fluid. This benefits a patient of depression because depression is when the brain doesn’t function normally due to low circulation of blood or cerebral nerve damage. Since the motor and sensory nerves are responsible for transferring information from the brain to different parts of the body, cranial osteopathy is effective in getting them to function properly. If the motor and sensory nerves are functioning correctly and sending signals properly, then it takes a natural course of curing depression. Circulation of blood is another important factor and cranial osteopathy helps with the blood circulation in the cranial and spinal region.

Why Choose Cranial Osteopathy For Treatment of Depression?

Cranial Osteopathy approaches depression, anxiety and stress at the root cause. There can be several reasons of why a patient is suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. Cranial Osteopathy relieves the pain, tightness from the root of these problems, resulting in curing depression.

Cranial Osteopathy helps with the cleaning up of the neurotoxins that disturbs the expression of emotions, normal rhythmic motion of the brain which prevents the brain from functioning normally. Cranial osteopathy is a very effective way to help a depressed patient express his/ her emotions, relax the brain cells and help in the overall well being of the brain.

In this treatment of depression, when the pressure is applied to the meninges in the brain, it smoothens the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid which relaxes stress and depression. It automatically leads to better psychological, emotional and physical well being of the patient, leading to gradual cure of depression. In this treatment, pressure is also applied to the dislocated bones of the brain to align them correctly, which ultimately leads to the ability to focus better.


The emotional or psychological reasons of depression can be many and vary from patient to patient. However, what cranial osteopathy does is treat the cranial movement of the brain, which is where the functioning of the brain is off track, thus causing depression. This method of treating depression is very effective because it attacks the root of the problem, relaxes it and then the symptom, which is depression, gets cured. Treating depression as a symptom and treating symptoms of depression are two very different roads to its cure. What cranial osteopathy does is, it treats depression as a symptom of a bigger problem and that’s why it’s very effective in treating patients suffering from depression, anxiety and stress.