Memory deficiencies happen over time as we age. We tend to find that remembering things gets that little bit harder. Then later, we cannot find our smartphone or remember where we put the car keys. Our brain just doesn’t seem as nimble as it once was. That’s probably because it isn’t.

Don’t despair though because there are different ways to go about improving your memory naturally. Here are a few to get you started.

NAD to the Rescue

What Is NAD+? Why You Need It, How It Works and How to Increase It in Your Body. While the linked article provides greater detail, we’ll give you a basic rundown below.

NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a nifty little coenzyme. It is present in every cell in our bodies. It’s there to extract the nutrients in food, find the vitamins and the host of minerals present, and ensure each cell benefits from them.

When it works well, it’s wonderful because it powers the cells that perform vital functions for our human body. However, it tends to diminish as we get older, making it harder for our bodies to benefit as much from the nutrients even when we eat right.

Along with helping your body get the right nutrients to the cells that require it, it also assists your skin, making it clearer with fewer blemishes, helps you grow more voluminous hair, think clearly and have greater vitality too. It’s also available in a supplement form so you can add more NAD when you’re older.

Get Off the Sugar Fix

The sugar fix is used to deliver quick energy on the go. Coffee in the morning loaded with several cubes of sugar is harmful even if it seems to give you some pep in your step. Americans load up with over 150 pounds of sugar annually, despite its suspected linkage to early onset Alzheimer’s.

High blood sugar levels have been discovered to reduce usage of the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the brain’s memory center, so this is very bad for anyone wanting to improve their memory.

Extra sugar in the diet also leads to overloading on glucose. While in modest to reasonable levels it’s used for energy, too much glucose causes attention deficits, a yo-yo mood pattern, and difficulties with short-term recall of facts and events.

Fuel Your Brain with Water

Fuel your brain with water? Really? Well… yes!

The brain is 73 percent comprised of water. A minimal drop in available water of just two percent leads to cognitive problems, loss of attention, and memory problems.

Even if you don’t worry about this because you live in a cool environment, bear in mind that working out can cause the body to lose 5-10 percent of its water. The brain will get smaller due to dehydration, even with low levels of dehydration, making you less alert and affecting recollection of recently made short-term memories.

Help your brain to assist you by staying hydrated at all times.

Take a Good Multivitamin

A good multi-vitamin is a natural solution because it contains the same vitamins and minerals that you should receive through your regular diet.

Taking a multi-vitamin from a respected brand ensures that you don’t miss out on anything that your brain needs. Treat this kind of supplement as a basic building block and then look at what else you can do for your brain’s health.

Natural solutions to improving your memory should include putting into your body what it doesn’t have enough of naturally and reducing or removing what’s bad for it. When you start from that simple premise, you’re taking care of yourself in the right way.