When writing any type of report, you have to make sure that it looks professional and well thought out. An advanced medical laboratory report can be quite a difficult thing to write about as not only do you have to have a great depth of knowledge, but you also have to be able to orchestrate it in an organized manner. Let’s now take a look at some of the aspects that you need to consider when you are writing or learning how to write an advanced medical laboratory report.

Look at past examples

Looking at past examples of how advanced medical laboratory reports are written is a good way to get started. It will give you an idea of what all these kinds of reports look like and also you will be able to see what information needs to be included. It is also a very good idea to do this because if in the past, you have written reports, you may find that this type of reporting is different to what you’ve completed in the past. You have to remember that not all report writing is the same and some disciplines require a different methodology. The first question you must ask yourself when looking at past examples is what a report actually is.

The following elements should be included in the report:

  1. A list of events or sequences that took place
  2. Discussion of the likely outcome
  3. Evaluate and results and facts
  4. Any recommendations that have come from the report that you’ve conducted
  5. A conclusion

This is very basic and it is purely an example of what a basic report should include. An advanced medical laboratory report may go into further depth, so like we have said above, look at past examples of medical reports to see how they have been created.

Writing the report

This might sound obvious but practice makes perfect. Try to practice as much as possible, so that you can get to grips with the reporting style. Try to fully understand the subject matter that you are reporting on, as this will give you a greater chance of getting a perfect report. When you decided to start writing an advanced medical laboratory report always try to keep the brief in mind. Keeping the brief in mind will help you make sure that you keep on the right track when writing an accurate report. Where possible, create a draft so that you can edit the report along the way as you may find that once you have written the basic draft and you go back to read it, you have missed some key subjects or areas that are essential to the report.


A structure is also very important when it comes to writing an advanced medical laboratory report. Don’t confuse with structure with drafting. As mentioned above, drafting is the process where you note down your ideas with the view that you will make changes to what is included and the way in which you have worded it. The structure is different and is very important as it is related to the flow of the report, which is crucial. All reports including an advanced medical laboratory report should have an introduction, and middle section and an end. There is a best practice way of writing an advanced medical laboratory report. Within the structure of the report, you can break the report into different sections or use subheadings. Once again take a look at past examples, which will provide with an idea of how the structure should be put into place.

Writing style

The style needed in an advanced medical laboratory report can be very difficult to achieve. When you are writing a report you need to adopt a tone that you may have not used in the past and this can be difficult if it’s not something that you’ve done before. You may find that once you’ve drafted out your report, you need to read it back to yourself and the voice that you have used is not quite correct. If this is the case it may be worth getting a friend or family member to read your advanced medical laboratory report back to you too so that you can hear where you have gone wrong. It may simply just be the tone that you have used and it is not suitable for an advanced medical laboratory report.

As you can see from the above, we have outlined a number of ways in which you can make sure that your advanced medical laboratory report other part is written in a professional way. Practice will make perfect, so don’t be frightened to draft and redraft as much as is needed as you want to make sure that you’ve got the right tone of voice for your advanced medical laboratory report. Remember to ask others to read your advanced medical laboratory report to you so that you can listen to what you have written and also so that they can give you their opinion too. Also, take notes from those that are in the know when it comes to writing an advanced medical laboratory report in the first place. For example, approach medical staff and other students that may have written an advanced medical laboratory report. Always remember there is nothing wrong with having a second pair of eyes to look over your report.  If you need professional writing assistance, you can buy lab reports online written by expert writers.