Medical spas are the bridge between a traditional spa and a cosmetic doctor.  Some medical spas have medical directors that oversee medical procedures.  Most procedures need some sort of medical professional to administer the treatments.  In a medical spa, this could mean a doctor, nurse, or an aesthetician.  Each medical spa is different, and if you have specific questions on who administers the treatment, you should contact that particular spa.

Most medical spas have state of the art equipment without the need of going under the knife.  The skin treatments that many of these spas offer are top-notch and usually at competitive prices.  Some people will make a day of it and combine their skin treatments with a massage or nail care.  Many of today’s luxury spas will have packages to help you select your treatments.

Below you will learn about some of the more common services that are offered at medical spas.


One of the most popular medical spa treatments is Botox injections.  Botox is an FDA approved solution that helps treat wrinkle marks on the face.  People that have Botox start to see results in one to two weeks.  The treatment last for as long as three to four months. 

Most people that get Botox feel a little pinch as the needle is inserted.  Some places use a topical cream to help numb the area before treatment. 


If you want a nonsurgical option for removing fat CoolSculpting is the way to go.  CoolSculpting works by targeting the fat beneath the skin by freezing the cells.  The fat cells then die off and eventually work their way out of the body. 

What makes CoolSculpting so incredible is the fact that the recovery time is so fast.  While some people may take the rest of the day to take it easy, many people return to their regular daily duties that same day.


One of the hardest locations on your body to keep looking thin is your neck area.  There are a few things you can do to keep your neck looking good.  If you are looking for a nonsurgical option, you may want to discover Kybella.  An FDA approved treatment specifically for fat around your neck and chin.  The medication is injected into your body, and then it works by reducing the fat.

Laser Hair Removal

One of the most common treatments at a medical spa is laser hair removal.  Most people whether it is men or women have unwanted hair they want to get rid of.  Many people turn to laser hair removal as it’s a more permanent solution compared to waxing or sugaring. 

The laser treatment itself can feel like you are being snapped by rubber bands over and over again.  The degree of the snap will depend on the level the laser machine is at. 

Laser Tattoo Removal

Another really popular service is laser tattoo removal.  As people get older they often regret some of the tattoos they got when they were younger.  Have no worries as that late night decision from spring break 1995 can be fixed. 

One of the most asked questions is does it hurt? “Most people equate it to the same sensation they felt when originally receiving their tattoo.”

Chemical Peels

Many people that go to medical spas are looking for the fountain of youth.  This is even more so prevalent for ones face.  A chemical peel is a chemical solution commonly applied to a face that helps make the skin look younger, softer, and some may say attractive.

On the cost scale, a chemical peel is one of the cheaper treatments one can get to help make them look younger.  The peel can help tighten skin and treat wrinkles and scares. 

One of the main reasons people turn to medical spas is the ease of access and nonsurgical options they provide.  The above treatments are some of the more common services you may find, but not all spas offer the same services.