During the 1970s, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was invented by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, and even to this day, it retains its popularity. NLP is a modification technique or a supplemental  tool to promote positive behaviors by using guided visualizations. The main objective of NLP is to establish a positive change within a person. It trains the mind and sets a foundation for influence and persuasion, applying practical and business strategies, as well as life skills to enrich your life.

Among those who are using NLP to help people with personal development are general counselors, medical physicians, hypnotherapists, NLP coaches, and training centers.

What is NLP?

As the name denotes, it’s a study of:

  • Neuro – how a person deals with experiences and handles information
  • Linguistic – how people communicate using their intuition, gut instinct, and senses
  • Programming – how a negative behavior is being replaced

It is a wide area of practice that uses different techniques, such as:

  • Swish Pattern
    This technique changes the behavioral pattern or thought to have a desired outcome instead of an undesired one.
  • Rapport
    A practitioner will improve the person’s response and communication through the use of empathy.
  • Anchoring It’s for some emotional states that change sensory experiences to become triggers.
  • Kinesthetic DissociationWith regards to a person’s past events, this technique will try to remove negative feelings and thoughts.

Benefits of NLP

If you’re a person who thinks negatively or has a low self-esteem, you are likely to miss a lot of opportunities. On the other hand, if you show confidence and positivity, good things will follow. That is why NLP is important for an individual.

Here are the major benefits of Neuro Linguistic Programming:

  1. Empowerment Limiting beliefs can influence a person’s behavior. Within yourself, you may think that you’re not good enough or that other people are way better than you are. You may also think that you don’t deserve success and happiness. This can be depressing and can cause a negative effect on your and your life, so you have to know what triggers it.Focusing on the negative side of things will initiate self-limiting beliefs. NLP helps by detecting the pattern of your current thoughts to know what hinders you from achieving your goals. It can empower you to understand that it’s the person’s mindset that makes most situations either bad or good, which gives you a chance to change, eliminating negative behaviors or adopting positive ones.
  2. Improves relationships
    Everyone has their own way of perceiving the world, and every individual behaves differently from another. Sometimes, a breakdown of communication happens because people think that their way of seeing things is what’s right—but it’s not. Neuro Linguistic Programming can help improve your relationships and communication with other people. It can give you the realization that learning and understanding other people’s experiences will help you in different aspects of your life, especially when it comes to challenges and roadblocks on your way to success.

Here are more benefits of NLP:

  • Replaces bad habits like smoking, drinking, and others, with good ones.
  • Helps you bring back your confidence, which can assist in developing your leadership or managerial skills.
  • With the use of dissociation, it can resolve phobias and fears.
  • Improves your lifestyle.
  • Reduce your stress levels if you’ll have enough knowledge about its techniques.
  • Can create long term relationships with colleagues, peers, and others.
  • Helps you work effectively to achieve your goals.
  • Become a team player at your workplace, enabling you to run, manage, and build teams to achieve success in and for the company.
  • Improves soft skills and greater command in public speaking.
  • It can resolve different conflicts, enabling peace within yourself and others.
  • Resolves anxiousness and creates a positive feeling.  
  • Helps you listen more effectively.

To summarize, Neuro Linguistic Programming is about vision, self-discovery, and wisdom. It is still increasing in popularity nowadays since it can be applied in different contexts and fields. However, the lack of knowledge and monitoring when it is being used means the quality of practice and the methods can change, which is why you have to know what techniques would work best for your situation.


You can alter the quality of your life and be the best person that you can be by learning a few NLP skills and behavioral changes. Always remember that everyone’s mind is different from one another, and not every approach can fit to every person. Keep your foundations intact by exercising, eating right, and removing negative thoughts.