At 30, you are more likely deep into your industry with a happy fulfilling career. You’ve traveled more and made more relationships. At this age, you are probably contemplating, if not yet, married. You’re mostly satisfied in many areas of your life. Most importantly, when you are in your 30s you have probably outgrown acne issues.

While your acne troubles are behind you, at 30 some physical changes are peaking in the horizon. You’re starting to feel old. Some scientific studies suggest, that our optimum physical youth starts at 23 and peaks at 25. Once you enter the age of 30, there will be numerous physical manifestation of feeling old agedness. Aging is a normal process in life but we have found a few ways to combat them.

Here are some of the most prominent physical changes in our 30s and solutions to combat them.

Sagging Face

If you notice, most anti-aging products are about keeping your skin firm and supple. They promise to diminish fine lines and wrinkle. Those two can make you look much older. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon is due to less collagen production. Collagen helps hold our skin firm and gives it elasticity. When your skin is elastic enough, it will bounce back from any changes.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Eat foods like raisins, chickpeas, egg and nuts – they have collagen.
  • Do facial yoga every day – practicing this activity can help support your face by toning facial muscles.
  • Facial creams – there are many facial creams available on the market today that can help you achieve instant facial firmness.

Formation of Cellulite

You’ve enjoyed wearing skirts and shorts on the summer, but in your 30s you may be more wary about wearing one. Not because you’re worried about modesty, but most likely because of the formation of cellulite. Cellulite is a skin condition that makes your skin especially in the areas of your thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen to look lumpy, and have a dimpled appearance. This occurs when fat deposits underneath your skin push up, thus creating an uneven surface. This condition is more predominant in women and is considered not harmful but looks undesirable.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Strive to eat clean, unprocessed food – eating processed food draws in toxins to your body and that can contribute to the formation of cellulite.
  • Eat a lot of fruits – fruits are considered alkaline. Alkaline can help flush out toxins in your system and therefore minimize if not eliminate the formation of cellulite.
  • Explore Technological Advancements – there are many services in the field of medical cosmetology today. For cellulite, you can have body sculpting procedures. They are usually non-invasive but effective solutions.

Weaker Bones

Have you noticed how your grandma and grandpa have a bent posture? The condition that causes this is osteoporosis – weakening of bones that results in fragile, fracture-risk skeletal system. Osteoporosis symptoms appear in the later years of our life but it can start developing as early as the late twenties. Around this age, our body begins to gradually reduce our bone mass. That is why it is difficult for adults to heal broken bones compared to kids. Once osteoporosis progress to a certain degree, it can restrict your actions and prevent you from doing your daily routine and activities.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Eat a well-balanced diet – a well-balanced diet will ensure intake of adequate nutrients for your body including calcium
  • Stop bad habits – this includes heavy smoking and heavy drinking. This nasty habit can take a toll on your body
  • Strive for quality sleep – quality sleep will keep your body well maintained and prevent any onset development of conditions and diseases such as osteoporosis.