Addiction is insidious and makes you lie a lot to yourself. You think, one beer, I’ll be okay but then you start to drink more. Drugs can give the user a temporary high, but then they crash and burn into depression. The adrenalin rush is why addicts continue to be addicts. In your mind, you think, I’m fine, I’ll just have one glass of champagne or one glass of wine or maybe I’ll do both. Addictions take over your life. They make sure that you are held back. You cannot get back all the time your addictions took away from you.

Substance abuse

Substance abuse can mess with your head as well as your future. 63,600 people in the United States have died of a drug overdose. Drug addicts enjoy solitude instead of being with their friends. Anxious thoughts tell them that nobody would understand them. Isolation can hide drug use as good as not talking to people will. Drug cravings then take over the life of the addict. They are unable to satisfy their cravings, causing fidgeting or stuttering. Drug use turns into an increase in tolerance that overestimates their dosage, slowly starting to raise it without thinking about the consequences. 

Drug addicts

Drug addicts let go of hobbies and responsibilities all at once. They become obsessed with getting high, focusing on little else. They start waking up late for work or school, covering up their absences with various excuses that start making less and less sense. The addict then cannot take care of their children, as well as not manage their finances well enough. They start slipping up in day-to-day life. They do anything to get their high from whatever drug they got themselves into. Their lives become a mess featuring a death wish.

The addict fails in their responsibilities as their isolation and irritable behavior start slipping into their codependent personality. The drug addict strives to hide their addiction from the world, trying to avoid people. Drugs are not cheap though, with their finances eventually suffering because of their addiction. This is why rich people with unlimited income become drug addicts often enough. Drug addicts find themselves with nothing left to pay for the drugs with. They will go out of their way to find more money that can pay for the drugs. Drug rehab can only work because of detoxification.


The process of detoxification is a way of getting rid of the toxins that clog up the drug addict’s body. Withdrawal symptoms are painful but therapy is used to maintain sobriety at rehab facilities. Being in rehab eventually means leaving the facility to transition to the outside world. Drug addicts need to be treated with care and understanding, as they do not want to be slaves to habits they have trouble controlling since they crave feeling high. Rehabilitation can create character, as addicts often have none, while it takes an intense character to break an addiction. This is why addicts succeed at staying sober.