Medical practices must hire an after-hours answering service for various benefits. The most significant benefit is avoiding missed calls on calling beyond your office hours. Keep in mind that some of these might be seeking solutions for emergencies. Entrusting the task to professionals saves your staff from burnout. This is because agents from the answering service will handle all calls beyond office hours and on weekends.

Another benefit of relying on a professional doctor answering agency is the provision of round the clock support to patients. All calls to your practice will be answered regardless if time or day. Additionally, professional phone answering agents offer effective service at a considerably cheaper cost. This helps to enhance the service level and responsiveness to patients even after normal business hours.

Here’s the catch

Smart medical PR actioners must realize that patients hate it when they call only to listen to voicemail. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to invest in professional phone answering service to fix the mishap. Customers experience exposure to technology many times in their life and they wouldn’t like to experience the same when they call their doctor. Technology makes tasks easier but not when it comes to enhancing customer experience. You’re likely to end up offering mediocre customer service.

The trick is to offer exceptional customer service requires allowing real people to answer phone calls in your medical practice 24/7. There’s no better way to manage this than outsourcing a doctors answering service . The best thing is the flat rate charged by an answering service. The best answering service agency should have features including:

  • Flat rate price
  • Free trial period
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Minimal hold times
  • Proficient and happy agents
  • Exceptional customer support

Below is how after hours phone answering will better your customers’ experience.

Talking to live agents offer a personalized approach

Wherever someone needs to address a health concern, the first thing to think about is going online to figure it out on their own. This is a preferred approach although it might be the only option in various circumstances. Unluckily, online self-service doesn’t work when patients need more inquiries. Customers would appreciate talking to a real person at the other end of the phone for a personal approach to address their concerns.

Readily available for patient convenience

Only shortsighted medical practitioners believe that patients must only call during office hours. However, it’s impossible to tell when a medical emergency might happen. Offering limited availability hours is so old school. Smart business owners must embrace a holistic approach to customer service that ensures the availability of customer service to customers regardless of time or day.

This is the trick to make your medical practice stand out for its exceptional customer service. Apart from cost-effectiveness of a medical service charging a flat rate, choose an agency with bilingual service to the a better customer experience. With this, every customer is attended to regardless of whether they speak English or another language. Catering for all customers is a great consideration to increase your customer base and improve your bottom line.

24/7 customer service

With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, people mind a lot about their time. So, they increasingly expect to call their doctor at a time convenient to them. However, medical practitioners can’t tell when. The trick is to be well prepared to receive patient calls anytime and any day. Patients no longer have to wait until your practice opens the next day. After-hours telephone answering is a handy solution, especially in emergencies.

Addressing patient concerns without technology hindrances

Automated phone answering comes with repeated voicemail prompts that piss off patients. This makes callers end up grumbling when they can’t talk to a real person. Additionally, patients are likely to hang up on hearing an answering machine at the other end. A live phone answering service tolerated patient increasing concerns about time. This is without having to make the patient wait for long or respond to the various prompts.

Bottom line

Every medical practitioner must avoid forcing customers to encounter infuriating technology on calling the medical practice. Allowing customers to reach your office after normal business hours is a great idea. This is possible when you outsource your phone answering to a professional agency that will guarantee 24/7 customer service at a flat rate.

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