Your spine is an essential part of your body, it protects your nerves and gives your body the support it needs to be able to stand and flex, according to your needs.

Unfortunately, it is often overlooked, unit something goes wrong with it. But, you don’t have to neglect your spine, there are 5 important tips you should implement today, these will help to ensure your spine is healthy and stays that way.

Get It Checked

No one knows your body as well as you do, you’ll be the first to be aware of a new ache, creak, or any other issue. However, just because you don’t currently feel any different, it doesn’t mean that your spine is in peak health.

You should book an appointment with a spine specialist, they can assess the current condition of it and give you personal advice regarding any issues or preventative measures you should be taking.

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Sleep Well

Sleep is essential as this is the period when your hormones balance and your body processes the actions of the day.

This is also the time when your spine gets to relax, it works hard throughout the day keeping you in position. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the hardness of your mattress; all that is important is that it gives you a good level of support.  You’ll know it does if your back is comfortable overnight.

Core Exercises

Exercising your core muscles is essential to your overall health, and to your spine health.  Unfortunately, core muscles are not usually targeted during normal daily activities.

Instead, you should spend 20-30 minutes every day doing simple exercises, such as the plank, the Russian twist, flutter kicks, or even traditional crunches.

You’ll quickly notice the difference!


A good massage does more than just feel good. It will release endorphins that can reduce your stress levels. In addition, massaging the lower back will boost the blood flow to a specific area and even help to manipulate bones into the right positions.

Of course, you shouldn’t be attempting to move your bones. But, if the act of a gentle massage results in small clunks it is probably helping to align your spine properly.

If this does happen it is worth having your spine checked again.

Limit Sitting Time

Sitting is not good for your spine, the discs at the base of your spine are under 3 times the load when you sit. This is why it is important to limit the amount of time you spend sitting and to practice correct posture when you do sit.

If you sit at a computer you’re more likely to lean forward as well, placing additional stress on your lower spine.

If possible, switch to a standup desk, and you should always make the effort to walk around the room at least once every 30 minutes.

With a little care and attention, you can avoid spinal problems.