Are you expecting and looking for some useful tips to make your pregnancy phase more comfortable and healthy? The more diligence and planning you put into this period, the higher are your chances of avoiding any complications and ensuring the best care of your baby. While it can be a bit exciting, intense and apprehensive at the same time to think of going through the entire 36-week long tenure, the following tips can help you overcome any motherhood jitters and follow a productive routine.

Organize The Phase Carefully

Start by consulting a reputable health professional with expertise in gynecology. Find a suitable birthing center to avoid any hassles later. Find a qualified and highly experienced doctor who can handle high risk pregnancy Santa Monica. He should offer you valuable advice and guide you through the entire phase. Consult with your doctor and follow the scheduled tests for identifying any irregularities. You may have to undergo ultrasounds to be aware of the fetus’s health and take medication in time to stay risk-free.

Proper Nutrition

The most important thing that will largely determine the health of your baby and stress-free labor is optimum nutrition. You must pay attention to the kind of food you are consuming. Take vital nutrients, fresh vegetables, lots of fruits, eggs, organic products, proteins, wholegrains and dairy products including fish & poultry. Go for a recommended meal-plan by an experienced nutritionist. This will ensure you do not miss out on the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Avoid smoking, alcohol and illicit drugs; they can harm your baby’s growth.

Stock Up On Water

To maintain your proper amniotic fluid levels, it is vital to drink plenty of water. You just cannot go remiss on this. Make sure you consume at least 10 complete glasses of water in a day. This will prevent dehydration, feelings of weariness, nausea and morning sickness. It will also save you from contractions/ cramps often experienced by women during the 5-9 months’ period. The fluids are also helpful to prevent estrogen feigning toxins from transferring over to the fetus. Always keep a sealed water bottle or a BPA-free container with you to avoid plummeting fluid levels.

Nosh On Vitamins & Prenatal Supplements

While diet and your regular meals provide adequate nutrition for you, the fetus requires additional nutrients for healthy burgeoning. Ask your doctor to recommend a prenatal supplement and take these without a miss, so your baby does not develop any birth defects. Do not use multivitamins as a food-alternative, instead use these as prenatal supplements. These are high in folic acid, iron, and other essential nutrients.

Light Workouts Surely Help

Go for light exercises and stress-free yoga routines.  These will help you avoid depressive feelings during pregnancy and stay fresh. While your body is going through various changes, an active life routine encourages cognitive health and healthy fetal development offering you enough vitality to flay any negative labor problems. Consult your health expert for best exercises during pregnancy. A 35-40 minutes light workout will elevate your heart rate and stepping up its functional efficiency allowing it to transport oxygen-rich blood to the fetus.