Statistics show that extra pounds can shorten your lifespan. Exactly what constitutes being classified as “older” may be up to conjecture, but once a man is past his prime, exercise doesn’t come as easily as it once did. This also means that it becomes more difficult to stay healthy and fit. If you have noticed that your midsection is continuing to expand so that you are no longer able to bound up the stairs two at a time without becoming breathless, it might be time to find a fitness routine for older men.

Reasons Why Staying Fit is So Important at This Stage of Your Life

The first, and probably very most important tip you can be given is to take the time to understand why a sound fitness routine can add years to your life. Bear in mind that your heart is a muscle and that exercise geared toward strengthening the heart muscle can help to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Tips for the kinds of exercises you should use are listed below, but for now suffice it to say that a heart-healthy body can add years and years to your life.

Take an Honest Look at Your Body

This may be the only time in your life where you will be advised to start in the middle and work your way up or down! Begin your fitness program by measuring your waist. It’s an odd way to look at the state of your health but according to the City University of London, your waist should measure no bigger than half your height! They concluded after careful research that if your weight is at or less than half the length of your height you can live at least to a normal life expectancy.

Warm Up and Cool Down

At any age it is never healthy to jump right into aerobics. You can put too much stress on that all-important heart muscle and that could lead to the dreaded heart attack mentioned above. Yes, you need aerobic exercise to strengthen the heart, but gradually build up to peak aerobics and gradually cool/slow down after your prescribed time is up. To omit either the warm up or cool down period may put more stress on your heart than it can bear.

Let’s Talk About Strengthening That Core

You began by measuring your midsection. That, for all intents and purposes, is your core. If you want to lose weight in that area, you might want to use a sauna vest for men. Sweating off the weight is a good way to literally melt those fat cells, but remember, in order to work up a sweat you need to pick up the pace! Not only will you be melting pounds away, but you will be strengthening your back which in turn builds muscles necessary for some of the exercises you will need to do.

The Correct Way to Push Yourself

You will be advised that you should never be afraid to push yourself. Building endurance is wonderful, but only if you remember the golden rule mentioned above. Always take the time to warm up before pushing beyond your current limits and then upon completion of your exercise regimen, take the time to cool down appropriately. You never see a distance runner suddenly stop dead in their track when they’ve completed the run but rather will trot in place for a few minutes. This enables the body (and heart!) to cool down gradually so that you don’t set your body into shock.

These are just some important tips for older men who recognize the need to stay healthy and fit. For exact exercises and routines you should be following, you may want to consult a personal trainer. We’ll leave you with one final thought. Remember that it took years to expand that belly and turn your muscles into gel, so don’t try to do too much too quickly. Yes, push yourself daily beyond your current limitations, but a little at a time. This is the healthy way to regain a level of fitness you are lacking and that’s the purpose of all this after all – health and fitness.