Over the years, the cannabis industry has become more and more mainstream. People all over the world are recognizing the health benefits the cannabis plant can present. As expected, many new companies are producing and selling cannabis products, specifically CBD. Buying CBD can be somewhat overwhelming as there’s so much information out there. With so many companies entering the market, who’s legit? What steps should you take when buying CBD oil?

Know Where Your CBD Is Sourced From

Most of the CBD oil available in the market has been extracted from hemp since it’s not legal to sell THC. It’s important to understand that when you buy CBD online, make sure to read the ingredients and 3rd party lab tests. This will ensure you are not buying THC or a product that gets you high. If you want to purchase marijuana CBD from a pharmacy or dispensary, it will contain certain levels of THC that can get you high.

If you purchase hemp CBD that’s full spectrum, it can contain low levels of THC and it’s legal for sale in most countries without the need for certification. These levels of THC are .03% or less and won’t get you high. If you want your CBD product to contain 0% THC, you can opt for an isolate extracted CBD product. Typically, users who buy isolate extracted CBD (when the only cannabinoid present is CBD) want to make sure they can pass their drug test. It’s debatable whether isolate or full spectrum CBD is better but there isn’t enough research or evidence clarifying. Before you make any purchase, it’s important to understand how the cannabis is grown, processed and the various elements contained in the CBD oil.

Understand the benefits

CBD has a wide range of benefits including reducing stress levels and boosting the mood. It helps reduce the effects of stress and wards off depression. The cannabinoids found in CBD oil work in the same manner as those produced by our own bodies. Cannabinoids work by attaching themselves to brain cells and either combating or amplifying signals.

CBD oil is also used to induce one to sleep. Sleeplessness is mostly brought about by high stress levels. By combating stress, CBD oil helps one fall asleep easily as well as for long periods. When you wake up in the morning, take a little CBD and it will help you fell alert which will help you sleep soundly at night.

How do you want to consume CBD?

CBD products come in a variety of forms to take. Some important aspects you can consider include the taste, time of effectiveness, ease of use, and strength. For beginners, the quickest way to feel the benefits of CBD are by either vaping it or taking the oil under your tongue. If you prefer not to taste the hemp then you can take capsules which take around 45min to kick in or edibles like gummies. The way you take CBD will impact how long it takes for the full benefits to kick in.

Understand CBD pricing

It can be very confusing understanding why some CBD products cost more than others. You’ll notice that the higher the concentration of CBD in your product the higher the price. You’ll also notice many brands offer coupons to help cut off what the real price is since the market’s so competitive. When you buy CBD oil, you’ll want to pay attention to the price per mg of CBD oil and factor in what the real price is with discount. Just to be clear, divide the price of the bottle by how many mg of CBD is in it to compare pricing.

Keep an eye out for suspicious companies

There are so many companies on the market that sell cannabis or CBD products. Avoid companies that make medical claims as these aren’t approved by the FDA. Avoid companies that offer free trial bottles of CBD, these are mostly from China and not safe. Look at CBD review sites and research who you buy from. Make sure there’s 3rd party lab testing.