Many hospitals around the globe experience budget cuts that make them unable to upgrade their medical equipment. That is despite pressure from the public to reduce wait times, offer quality services and improve patient recovery rates.The health care professionals are therefore forced to invest in used medical equipment which can be cheap and the solution to improving service delivery in the healthcare sector. Whether it is purchasing a much-needed piece of equipment or adding on to what is available, it is essential to know how to make the best decision. This is to reduce risk and ensure you get the best value for money.

Questions one should ask before making the decision

  • What kind of equipment is needed to improve service delivery?
  • Is the money to purchase the equipment available in the hospital budget or investors are required? Can the hospital afford to get extra features for the equipment? What are the implications of such a decision?
  • Is the in-house staff qualified to make preventive maintenance or does the hospital have to invest in outsourcing the maintenance work?
  • What about repairs? Can it be done quickly or can the supplier provide loaner equipment to reduce downtime?
  • Is the supplier credible? Has the relevant authority registered them?
  • Will the supplier provide for installation service? If yes, will they charge extra?

Finding a vendor that sells used medical equipment

Many dealers offer both reliable services and high-quality equipment. You are probably wondering how you can find the equipment you need quickly. You’ll be able to find just about everything you need from sterilizers, anesthesia machines, to more complex equipment like imaging machines.

  1. Use the internet to find onlinesellers. There are both general online selling sites like Craigslist and eBay,but it would be better to find a reputable online seller that specializes in used medical equipment.
  2. Watch out for liquidation sales.Many medical facilities sell their used equipment at a lower price through a consignment service. You can look through the classifieds in newspapers and online searches to find about such sales.
  3. Buy used medical equipment on sale from a local medical facility that is upgrading, shutting down or moving. Look for advertisements in the local paper or online.
  4. Talk to healthcare providers such as doctors if they are willing to sell you their old equipment. Otherwise, they are more likely to refer you to another doctor who is selling their equipment.

Check the condition of the equipment before purchasing

Many people would think they are lucky to find medical equipment for such a low price. That assumption could be risky, and the person would end up losing a lot of money on a raw deal. It is essential for the buyer to do their due diligence and inspection equipment they want to buy before finalizing the purchase.

For an online purchase, the advertisement should contain several clear pictures of the equipment. In the picture, the buyer should look for dings, scratches, and signs of damage or wear. It the responsibility of the seller to disclose the condition of the equipment. In case the information is unavailable, the buyer should contact the seller and ask for more details. Do not buy from a seller that is not upfront with you from the word go. Find out if they allow for returns if the equipment doesn’t meet your standards. Communication between the buyer and the seller should be constant, ensuring they address all issues that may arise before closing the deal. Ensure you get all the documents pertaining the equipment from the previous owner.

Ensure the equipment is safe to use

Buying used medical equipment is a sensitive thing because it affects the health and wellbeing of your patients. Once the installation is complete, the next thing is to sterilize the machine thoroughly. The care taken during sterilization should be higher as you have no idea how the previous owner maintained their equipment. One would say its obvious to sterilize a medical machine before use, but it is always a good idea to remind them to do it thoroughly. The next thing is to pay attention to the repair of medical equipment so that it works flawlessly.

Buying used medical equipment can be challenging especially if it is time sensitive. There are different channels that you can try for you to get the medical machines that you may require. Whether you are buying as an individual or for a medical facility, used medical equipment can be the affordable way to go.