As much fun as college is, there are days when you might dread it too. And that is when the stress of the exams kickin. With a pile of work to do, notes to be procured, a revision to be done and above everything to manage the time to actually get everything done, exam days could prove to be daunting.

Amidst everything that is happening, it would be rewarding to get some sleep or even to get a bite to eat that could keep you going for hours. So how do you tell the brain not to shut off when you need it the most?

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Well, these foods can definitely help students to survive the stress of exam periods.

Best for Breakfast
It is true that you might have stayed up late to study, but skipping breakfast is never a good idea. Breakfast on revision days and the exam days could keep you sharp. Try to eat slow-release carbohydrates like whole grain bread or oats, that release energy slowly and retain it longer. Combine it with protein like egg, yogurt or milk, and there is an ample breakfast that would get the day started well.

Best for Lunch
Have food that could keep the energy levels up and about to continue the stride of a productive day. Protein and Omega 3 could do you good to stay active. Fishes like mackerel, salmon, and sardines are good sources of both and also very delicious. Sardines on whole wheat toast would be easy enough to make for students. Add some dark leafy greens like kale and spinach to balance the meal with vitamins.

Hydrate well
Whether you are having a stressful day or not, drinking water could only make things better. Even when you don’t feel like drinking water, if the body is dehydrated even in a small way, it could result in headaches and irritation, especially with the pressure you feel during exams. Even inside the exam hall, you can take in a bottle of water if you are allowed to.

Drinks and Snacks
As much as we are all tempted to order a pizza and settle in, junk food is not a friend during stressful days. You might not feel full or even find healthy snacks frustrating, but try to feed on fresh fruits and nuts instead of chips.

If you find it too difficult to avoid savory snacks, opt for popcorn instead of chips as they are high in fiber and release energy slowly. If it is sweet snacks you are looking for, then peanut butter is a surprisingly good alternative instead of Nutella.

Coming to drinking, it is almost impossible to drink only water. So as a substitute, the healthiest would be Green tea. Thenest better one would be caffeine, but even too much of that on a single day could be harmful. The worst of all would be soda, and if sweet cravings are there, switch to lemonade or fresh fruit juice.

Best for Dinner
Bedtime might be the most fluctuating thing during exam days. Getting enough sleep is very vital to ensure that whatever you have studied stays in the long-term memory. A heavy meal could also affect the sleep so resort to high fiber meals cereal or porridge. Even a few fresh fruits would do good before going to bed.

Avoid drinking soda and caffeine at least four hours before going to bed. They could interfere with sleep, and you might end up tossing and turning the entire night. Keep a bottle of water near bedside and stay dehydrated if you wake up in between.

Final Takeaway
It would be good to dodge anything that you already know is not good for the health but still eat anyway. While it is not exactly possible to concentrate or spend time preparing meals,  it would actually give way for a break that could be a pleasant diversion for a tired mind.

If you think, that it is possible to survive on junk food, indeed it is.However, try to choose this diet, and you certainly will see the difference inthe energy levels and focus that would convince you to switch over to healthy options.