The problem related to writing a medical school personal statement is this — too much pressure. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you to relax, to take it easy and to write as there is nothing on a stake. There is. Most of the applicants for medical schools have the same grades, the same extra activities, they took the same classes, etc. So personal statement becomes one of those critical points helping to decide whether to take a candidate on board or not. You can even have a little worse scores than an average applicant, but if you write a stellar personal statement, it can a save a deal. That is why it is so important to pay attention to every detail and leave nothing to chance. Today, with professional academic writers from a cheap personal statement writing service we will make a short but efficient list of tips you should follow to make your medical school personal statement impressive.

Customize Your Statements

Remember, you don’t need 8 different personal statements to apply to 8 different medical schools. At the same time, you can’t write one and send copies to all the schools you consider. Change the part that is related to the particular educational institution. Also, you can read more about the mission of the specific school, their position, research they do, etc. and include your vision (similar to their principles!) to your personal statement. The core idea about you will stay the same, but the ornament should differ for every application. Someone would call it manipulation, but we call it efficiency. The same rule works when you are looking for a job, and it is what all the HR-specialists advise to do — customize your application.

Choose Your Identity

Think about this — reading your personal statement, a member of the admission committee will have to understand what a person you are without knowing you. He or she doesn’t know your history, your good, and bad sides, your hobbies, dreams, and fears. It is both good and bad. Bad, because you have only one short essay to tell everything important about yourself to persuade a committee to make the right decision. Good, because you have the freedom to create a story that will portrait your identity the way you want it to look. We don’t say you should lie — it is, actually, the worst thing to do. The idea is to make a committee member read your statement and make a conclusion without doubts — She/he is a dreamer/a goal-setter/a traveler/a very ethical person/very ambitious person, etc. There should not be question marks. Choose a characteristic you want to underline and make every abstract of your personal statement unveil and emphasize it.

Use 5-Paragraph Essay Format

Yes, you have to be creative but don’t try to reinvent the wheel. You don’t need another essay format to write a personal statement for a medical school unless it is directly stated as a demand. The first paragraph should include no more than 5-6 sentences, and they should be really catchy. It is not an introduction to a research proposal; you don’t have 20 pages to elaborate on your crucial idea. In the following three paragraphs tell your story. All paragraphs should be logically connected and contribute to one idea. The conclusion in the last, fifth paragraph, should reflect the introduction, include a summary of the body paragraph and finish with a strong, confident, ending line. Studyclerk can help you achieve this.

Avoid Direct Manipulations — They Don’t Work

For some strange reasons, students try to manipulate committee members is their personal statements. Too soapy and tearful stories about childhood, emotional promises to save the world and even threats like “if you don’t choose me, my life will be ruined forever.” If you are astonished reading this — good for you! If you’ve ever considered using such methods and phrases in your personal statement — reconsider it. Committee members have read hundreds if not thousands of such letters, and they simply hate to be manipulated. Even if the rest of your statement is perfect, you have slim chances to get in using cheap emotional triggers in your essay. Stay ethical.

Rewriting and editing bring your statement closer to perfection. Good luck!