In this post,you’ll learn some of the basic nutritional guidelines that you should follow once on the process of addiction recovery. Continue reading and learn more!

For those who have been abusing toxic substances such as drugs or alcohol, there can be both short-term and long-term health consequences. Conventional outpatient rehab Los Angeles may offer medications to help aid in substance abuse treatment, however, there may be another a safer alternative for helping to correct the damages caused by addiction to drugs and alcohol and the food we put in our bodies can play a significant role.

Most addicts tend towards having poor dietary habits,and drug and alcohol abuse can impair digestion making it even harder to obtain the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids required for detoxification, and proper brain function making recovery a more challenging process.

However, having a diet tailored specifically towards recovery can be a huge difference maker that can have a significant impact on the health of our minds and bodies. If you’re beginning your journey down the road to recovery and starting to detoxify your body from certain substances,consuming nutrient-dense foods can go along way in helping to restore proper function to the brain and body. There are particular foods that could repair physical damage, ease cravings and lift your mood as well.

Some of these foods include:   


Poultry offers a healthy source of protein that is rich in the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is the primary amino acid required for the production of serotonin, the happiness molecule that allows us to have a positive outlook on life. Poultry offers a lean source of protein for those who have issues digesting fats or want to avoid more of the high cholesterol and saturated fats that are found in red meat.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens such as kale, collard greens, spinach, and chard offer one of the most nutrient dense food sources available and are loaded with vitamins and minerals needed to detox our bodies and produce neurotransmitters. When choosing leafy green vegetables, the darker, the better. The deep greens and purples found in certain varieties of these vegetables are produced by polyphenols that provide a rich source of antioxidants that help counter the oxidative effects of drugs and alcohol and can aid in the detoxification process.

Whole Fat Dairy

It is often a challenge to achieve a good night’s sleep once you are detoxing from drugs or alcohol. And since sleep is vital for healing both your mind and body, you should get a regular shut-eye. Well, asmall bedtime snack having dairy products might help a lot.

Dairy foods containing tryptophan helps in producing the sleep-aiding chemical referred to as melatonin and calcium relax the muscles and nerves. So, a glass of milk or even a serving of yogurt at least an hour before going to be helpful in giving your body some of the raw ingredients it needs to help produce the hormones that are required for proper sleep. Adding a teaspoon or honey, or carbohydrate can help create an increase in insulin which helps to shuttle serotonin across the blood-brain barrier where it can be converted into melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep.


Once into beginning a detox, the act of eating could put the body under extra stress since the central nervous system has already been damaged. And many addicts may not have much of an appetite when they are withdrawing from drugs or alcohol; whey protein powders may serve as an easyway to consume highly absorbable protein that can help aid in the detox process. Whey is easy to consume and digest and contains a broad spectrum of amino acids which serve as the building blocks for tissues in the body, and are the foundational components of our neurotransmitters that allow for proper brain function and normal mood states.


The liver could be damaged by substance abuse, and it needs to be functioning optimally to process the nutrients coming from food.These foods that could help cleanse as well as repair the liver are cabbage,arugula, kale and of course broccoli.

For those who aren’t into eating greens, shallots,onions, and garlic also offer good liver-detoxifying properties. And teas that are made from dandelion root or milk thistle could also heal the liver.


If you want to achieve long-lasting addiction recovery,there should be a control in the way to respond to both anxiety and stress.Seafood, particularly fish, has been shown to help lower depression in regions where large quantities of omega 3 containing seafood are consumed. Consuming more seafood can help make you feel more mentally stable and resilient.

The fatty acids found in fish like mackerel, salmon,sardines, and herring, referred to as Omega 3 oils, are considered effective at stabilizing the mood and easing the depression and anxiety. And most nutritionists would advise at least two servings of fish weekly. If you don’t want the taste of fish, other supplements containing high-quality fish oils could be found on the market.

Well, these are just some of the foods that you must consider once you are in the process of addiction recovery. Or, you can find professional help, like holistic rehab Los Angeles and other facilities that could help you with your recovery a lot easier and faster.