Every month, human anatomy, says “Hello again, you are not pregnant!” along with her greetings are bloody mucus discharges, body pain,hormonal imbalance, and of course period pain or dysmenorrhea. Period pain or dysmenorrhea is a never-ending nuisance for women, lucky for those who do not experience its wrath. Period pain is relative, some can withstand its discomfort, but some women are nailed to their bed because of the extreme agony.

Try to imagine, studying for an examination or preparing a presentation for a meeting while someone continuously punches you in the guts. Dysmenorrhea can be a bother to women while they try to continue with their daily activities, so try not to trigger them on their red days.

Here are ten tips to alleviate period pain.

Take a medicine. Ten out of ten will alleviate your period cramps. Drink anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve you from any pain. For dysmenorrhea, there are specific anti-inflammatory drugs, that are developed for women to target period pain faster. These drugs can simply be bought from the nearest pharmacy.

Apply heat pads on the abdomen. School clinics usually offer this as a remedy for period pain. Put tepid water on your heat pads or water bottles then place it on the lower abdomen area. This will alter your body’s focus on the heat instead of the pain. Eight out of ten effective though, refilling the pads with hot water is a lot of work.

Massage lower abdominal area. Try applying enough pressure with your hand against your abdomen while synchronizing each thrust with your breathing. Seven out of ten, this will work, the problem is, it requires too much effort to massage your abdomen and at the same time will restrict you from doing activities.

Lie on your stomach with both knees tucked in. Elders would recommend you this. If you’re lying down in your bed, try this position. This aims to stretch your uterus, while it’s contracting. Seven out of ten. This is most effective when you complement it with a nap.

Lie on your back with legs raised in the air. This is just like the formertip; its objective is to stretch that uterus. Try doing yoga positions to alleviate the menstrual cramps.

Eat chocolate and bananas.Both contain magnesium that serves as an anti-inflammatory alternative, and it contains endorphin or what others call as”happy pill” to help with your hormonal imbalance. Ten out of tenuseful because who doesn’t enjoy eating chocolate or a chocolate-banana smoothie?

Avoid caffeine and salty food.  Food which is high in sodium content can worsen the existing period cramps. Salty food can also make you feel bloated even more. On the other hand, caffeine constricts vessels. Thus, it may also cause the blood vessels in the uterus to tighten, resulting in a more frequent contraction in the womb. Six out of ten effectiveness.

Stay hydrated. Lack of fluid intake can worsen period cramps at the same time it will lead to hormonal fluctuations and a bloated belly. Body stores more water when chemicals in your body like estrogen and progesterone regresses, this results to a bloated stomach. Therefore, it is essential to drink as much water as possible to avoid this at the same time to flush out toxins in your body.Nine out of ten since, who wants to have a frequent trip to the comfort room?

Oral Contraceptives. These pills are not just for birth control; it regulates monthly period, makes the body slimmer, prevents the face from developing acne at the same time it alleviates period cramps and helps out with hormonal imbalance.

Contact a doctor. When all other ways to alleviate period cramps fail, visit your physician. They will usually recommend you medicines to remedy you of this cramps and check you for any illnesses in connection with these menstrual cramps.


Menstruation for women is inevitable. Looking for answers to remedy menstrual cramps is not enough in taking care of one’s own body. Looking after your hygiene is as important as treating dysmenorrhea. It is essential to change your tampons, sanitary pads or your Daisy Menstrual Cup every three hours to prevent the vaginafrom developing an unpleasant odor at the same time, the growth of bacteria that will harm your body.

Other than hygiene, it is imperative to practice a healthy lifestyle.Make sure to eat healthy food and the right amount of fruits and vegetable andalways to exercise. These will not help you out with your menstrual cramps alone, but at the same time help you manage your overall health.