Lips are the essential part of yourface just like your eyes, and so you need to apply the makeup veryintelligently on it. You can find innumerable makeup tips and makeup tutorialson this topic.Unfortunately, when it comes to applying makeup on dark lips,then there’s not much help online, as most of the lip makeup videos showhealthy lips and not the real dark lips.

There’s where comes on stage. It is one of the live streaming makeup videos platform that helps you a great deal in guiding how to do amazing dark lips makeup. In this article you will get to know 9 useful tips for applying makeup on the dark lips. Before you scroll-down the page, let’s find out, what dark lips are.

What are dark lips?

Having pigmentation on your lips, takes away their healthy pinkish look. That’s what is known as dark lips. There are special tricks while applying makeup to enlighten the lips color, as without them, while you do lip makeup then it doesn’t give an even color to your lips. If you are the owner of the dark lips, stop using such types of lip colors, as nude lipstick, matte shade lipstick, etc, because they just make your lips look dry and discolored.

You can easily get rid of these problems if you know how to apply dark lips makeup properly. Here are some of the best tips for you to use, but before that, it is essential to understand the reasons why some people have dark lips.

What are the factors that lead to dark lips?

Usually, we all are born with healthy lips that are pink and soft. However, with time and the changing lifestyle damage them and we end up having dark lips. Some of the significant factors that lead to dark lips are:

  • Chain smoking
  • Consuming a lot of coffee and tea
  • Constant exposure of sun on lips without SPF or UV protecting lip products
  • Using low-quality lip colors
  • Using lip colors beyond their expiry date
  • Less water intake

There are many things which can help you in making your dark lips look beautiful after makeup. Some of these are strictly related to makeup while some are more related to keeping your lips healthy. Scroll down to take a look at the following ones:

1. Keep your lips moisturized

If you want to make your lips look beautiful even if they have pigmentation, then you need to ensure that you keep it moisturized. You may use lip balms a few hours before you are going to do lip makeup. Just sure that the lip balm which you are planning to use contains beeswax or cocoa butter in it. You can also find them on Facebook, download their Apple app from Appstore or follow them on Instagram for updates. 

2. Exfoliate your lips before doing makeup

Now comes the time when you are going to start applying lip makeup. Just like you exfoliate your face, you must also do it on your lips. This makes your lips clean and look fresh. This also helps you in understanding the real color of your lips. You can do this by applying a natural lip scrub, such as a few drops of high-quality olive oil with 1 tsp sugar, or you can even try putting Vaseline on your baby toothbrush and rubbing it gently on the lips.

3. Creating a base

Once you are done with the exfoliation, then it is time to make a way for a concealer. Make sure that you choose the concealer that matches your skin tone. The main idea is to neutralize the pigmentation and create a base which is even in color and gives a smooth and clean canvas for applying a lip color.

4. Using a primer

There is another thing which ensures that your lip colors remain longer on your dark lips and this is known as lip primers. These primers cover up all the blemishes and flaws of your lips and make it look pretty.  

5. Picking the right lipstick

Not all lip colors look pretty on women with dark lips, and so you need to be choosy while choosing a lipstick shade. You also need to ensure that you buy lipsticks of reputed brands and the ones that contain jojoba oil, Vitamin E, etc. It is not true that people with dark lips cannot use matte lipsticks, but when you use liquid lip primer and try using glossy lip color, then it makes your lips look more beautiful. You need to pick the shades that are brick shade, cocoa shade, and many other shades. This doesn’t mean you cannot sue red, nude or wine color lipstick. It only says that when you choose such a lip color, make sure you pick the right shades of the lip liners. If you select the right shade of lip liner, then nude lipstick can look pretty cool on you.

6. Selecting lip liner

Applying lip liner is something which many women do not find interesting. However, the fact remains intact that lip colors open up better when you use the right lip liner shade. It is highly advisable to choose the lip liner of shades same as the lip color or somewhere near to it. You may try one shade lighter, but make sure you stick to the natural lip line if you have plump lips. In case of thinner lips, you must be aware of natural lip line and then draw the line above it without overdoing it.

7. Do not forget to layer your lipstick

Layering your lipstick is something which most of you avoid doing, but if you have dark lips, then you must do it. Choose a butter lipstick that stays on your lips and makes sure that you apply it in such a manner that it doesn’t make your lips look clayey. You can find some of the best options at the Fabulive makeup store.

8. SPF Lipsticks

In case you are going out on a beach, or you are moving out in the daytime, then do not forget to use SPF lipstick. These ensure that your lips remain safe from the sunlight and as you already have dark lips, so these lip colors are a must for you.

9. Remove the lip color gently

It is essential that when you remove the lip makeup, you do it smoothly so that it keeps your lips safe from getting damaged. You must remember that you have dark lips, but it can become worse if you do not start taking care of it now. Therefore, it is better to use Vaseline or lip balm after removing the lip makeup with the help of towelette or any other natural lip makeup remover, such as vitamin E oil, olive oil, etc.


If you are someone who has dark lips and find it challenging to apply lip makeup, then the tips above will definitely help you. Visit amazing informative Fabulive online platform with a collection of the best tutorials of professional experts which will give you the better idea in applying makeup on different types of lips concerning the face complexion and structure. Here you will find a wide range of high-quality beauty products at reasonable prices. Invest in yourself now and see how your life changes.