A painful heel is every lady worry especially in a day where they have done their best to dress up. An uncomfy heel can actually mess up your mood and your day really fast. However is it the end of you having fun? And it definitely not the end of walking. Feet can actually kill the fun from the party and can restrict you from doing some fun activities if at all they are not comfortable. There is actually a way that you can treat it in a very easy way. Here is how you can treat a painful heel and get on your way ASAP.

1. Ice pack treatment.

Now, this is one of the most well-known things that people think of trying whenever they have a pain. Ice pack treatment actually has a very high success rate and this has made it a household thing. It is actually good that you always have an ice pack at home as it comes handy in such times.

2. Get professional help

Professional help is the way to go at this time and age with treatment. For those who love themselves, this is not something to dispute with. What if I told you that there are people who can actually help you get rid of that stressful heel. Perth Foot Centre can actually do this as they actually perform both minor and major surgeries and also treatment on the feet.

3. Exercise your feet.

It is pretty essential to take that walk once in a while just to stretch your feet and exercise. It is not such a bad idea to take a jog in the morning and just stretch your legs. Hitting the gym is not such a bad thing and it should not be imposed on you. Just like the way every other part of the body will need exercising, the feet too will actually need exercise. Get to exercise and this will make it easier for you as you walk as it increases your tolerance for pressure.

4. Walk on even surfaces.

One of the major things that will bring about a sore heel is the walking on an uneven surface. Uneven surface will actually bring about uneven pressure on the feet and with the improper positioning of the feet will actually have an effect on the feet. Get yourself to actually walk on even surfaces more than you do on uneven surfaces.

5. Do a variety of shoes.

The thing with shoes and feet is that it is good to acclimatize your feet with different kind of shoes. This means that as much as you love flats or as much as you love heels it is good to have a blend of both heels and flats. There are also other shoes with slightly raised heels and they are advised for both gender. When looking for an official shoe it is good to consider these. Oxfords are a good example of shoes that fit this.