Actually medical conditions illness or the little injury are frequently stressful and may also disrupt the lives and then healthy diets, regular exercises, sleep and social support can also relieve or managing the symptoms of illness or injury and support improving with the recovery. Actually being sick is no fun so it is inconvenient and exhausting downright frustrating and as may taking excellent.

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Assessing the real risk

It is fact there are real health risks out there are can also be easily avoided and then why not do what can to minimize and risk, on the other hand when lots of risks points to low risk but great buzz culprits and is easy to lose perspective on how great actual risk is and how to recover. Like the way when swine flu broke out each person freaked out and as it is written about for seventeen days to avoid swine flu and why not freak out from it completely.


Now as free and anxiety trigger the whole body’s fight or flight stress exactly response stimulating sympathetic nervous system and putting the body at risk for the diseases. As Harvard professor and bestseller proved that simple meditation shuts off the stress response and stimulates relaxation response and allowing the body to not only free. Meditations from fear and anxiety to also flip on its natural self repair complete mechanisms and are heal it.

Correct the eating habits for healthy life

If are not feel up to eating or having to prepare the own food and Dr, health suggests eating little and often can help and snacks such as chopped fruit can also add valuable nutrients and fitness. If you cannot eat normal meals like light sugary foods items and low fat food is best thing. If you cannot eat normal meals then fortified drinks, soups or pureed foods molded to look as the real thing can also be like a boon.

Dissociate from the fear

Call mine the gremlin calls specially and all have and all have fears and especially when comes to illness or death. Now valuable to get as understand and fears arise and amygdale of primal brain and mental conditions. Actually job is to protect us and then in the modern life more often than not these fear damage and also more than they protect us. So as that need friends along gremlin and recognize the whole story of disease and need to solve with perfect solution.

Pushing limits of comfort zone

Naturally to stay firmly inside comfort zone and then more you step outside of it and then more will earn areas and just outside comfort zone are probably and then safe also. If are usually hand power over to doctor during and health care visits and then speaking up and asking questions and tend to avoid risk try something risky so as repetitive experiments and testing the waters outside the comfort zone and can retain amygdale.