WHO the world health organization experts’ panel and that has updated the list of antibiotics and are considered being most critically valuable for human health. Antibiotics are among the valuable frequently prescribed and medications and modern medicine and antibiotics cure disease and killing injuring bacteria. Actually first antibiotic was penicillin. Although antibiotics are useful in wide variety of infections and are valuable to realize antibiotics only treat like bacterial infections.

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Usually there are five generations of cephalosporins and with the increasing expanded coverage and to include gram and negative infections. Now it is the way to treat different infections and including strep throat, urinary tract infections, throat, skin infections and meningitis. Fifth generation cephalosporin ceftaroline is active right against methicillin. It has probably heard of common way of medication in the life.

Best Fish Antibiotics for humans

Actually topic of fish antibiotics for humans is great issue due to some survival and preparedness minded people believe that fish antibiotics are interchangeable with the normal doctor prescribed medicine and antibiotics. Actually interchangeable with normal doctor prescribed medicines and are good addition for surviving kit or bug out bag. Usually the doctor prescribed medications and as be hard stock up right on some these individuals.


Now the cultures across the world and the world have long recognized garlic for the preventive and curative strengths. Actually research is as now get the garlic can also be most effective treatment and they can also get benefits from their activities and they can easily remove their diseases. One of the most foremost concerns in modern medicine antibiotic resistance and simply put that is used long enough bacteria will emerge that cannot be killed exactly.


Actually since the time of “Aristotle“honey is exactly has been used ointment that supports wounds to heal and prevents exact draws out infections from the body. Now healthcare professionals and now have found it successful in treating chronic and wounds, burns, ulcers, bedsores and skin grafts. It is the best way to study from past and demonstrate the honey dressings can support to heal with this antibiotic.


Actually Native American and other tradition and healers have used Echinacea for hundreds of years to treat infections and wounds. Actually researchers are beginning to understand why. Like a study in biomedicine and biotechnology and exports that extract of Echinacea pursuer can kill different type of bacteria and including streptococcus progenies.

Best way to use antibiotics

Actually antibiotics are specific for the type of bacteria and being like treated and into the general that will not interchanged from one infection to the other. It is fact antibiotics are used correctly and then are usually safe with the few side effects. So as that like most drugs and antibiotics lead to side effects and may range from being like nuisance to serious or whole life threatening. Healthcare gives are able to assess each one of patient and individually to determine and correct antibiotic and the dose measurement.