Boxing is one of the intense sports that can help improve your stamina, endurance, strength and physical fitness. This sport is also a perfect form of exercise for people who are planning to lose weight. How so? We’ll explain it to you. Here are ways boxing helps you lose weight fast.

Provides a High-Impact Cardio Workout

Cardiovascular exercises burn energy faster compared to other forms of exercise. It keeps the heart pumping blood and the muscles moving. Swimming, running, rowing walking and running are some of the forms of cardio workout.

Boxing is a cardio exercise that allows you to move your body through throwing punches, waves, and footwork. It doesn’t just focus on one part of your body like other types of cardiovascular exercise. It boosts your core strength. You can easily tell the improvement based on the impact of your punches.

With the punching bag training, you can easily lose 354-558 calories in just one hour of intense workout.

Burns Visceral Fat

Aside from burning calories, boxing also helps burn visceral fats. These fats are usually located on the abdominal part of the body. They are often associated with toxins which make you more prone to health risks like diabetes, heart diseases, and various forms of cancer in the esophagus, pancreas, and colon.

Promotes Healthy Eating Habits

Boxing encourages you to eat healthier food. Usually, the diet for people who are into boxing is rich in omega-3 fats, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. It also encourages you to drink more water to help you bulk up.

With this, you will be able to avoid food that would help you gain more weight. It will also teach you to look for healthier alternatives for your high-caloric cravings.

Encourages Sparring Matches

In boxing training, you will experience sparring matches. Sparring matches help you stay alert, especially if your coach throws mean punches at you. In this exercise, make sure you’re using proper boxing gear.

Usually, a sparring match would last for 3 minutes per round.You will also have interval training after rounds. The interval rounds often last for 10-30 seconds. This training teaches your body to easily recover after a high-impact cardio training. 

If you combine the bagging and sparring matches, you can possibly lose around 735 calories in just one hour.


There are many ways boxing helps you lose weight fast. It’s not only a sport that people love to enjoy, but it is also a high-impact workout for people who want to lose weight. It helps people lose weight and introduce them to a better lifestyle.