The trend towards the treatment of aesthetic dentistry increases every day in society. Show a beautiful smile when talking, it is everyone’s dream. Dental treatments have become preferred when it comes to making gifts for seniors, children, and adults. The concern of people to show impeccable oral health forces the dental industry to invest in the development and professionalization of dentists, as well as in high-tech equipment to offer a better service to their patients. Entrusting your oral health to a dentist is a decision that you must take very carefully. Making the right choice guarantees a satisfactory result, health, and well-being.

Whether you have a chance fracture in one of your teeth, look for a deeper treatment or decide to make gifts for senior citizens, it is advisable to make a prior evaluation of the place and the professionals of dentistry, in which you will deposit the confidence of your health oral, to avoid negative consequences and a bad experience. You must be a professional that you trust and that makes you feel comfortable

In this article, we give you recommendations to recognize when a dentist is not qualified to practice the profession.

  1. Verify credentials, Traditionally professionals place in their offices, in a visible place for the patient, their copy of a certificate, studies or another document that highlights their qualities, which gives confidence and safety to the patient. Take note of your license number and verify the authenticity of this through the competent agencies. The verification is done in the local dentists’ school or through the web where the published list of the different professional guilds is, for better comfort and protection of the patient.
  2. Specialization; Make sure that the dentist is specialized in the specific area that you need to be treated, that is, if you need orthodontic treatment, the dentist must have a specialization in the area of orthodontics. The fact of being a dentist does not guarantee that you will perform a treatment in any area of dentistry.
  3. Quality standards, pay detailed attention to the place, its equipment, technology used, diagnostic tests and treatment plan. If the first day raises questions, investigate more thoroughly or choose another dentist.
  4. Evaluate the treatment towards you, the way it is handled, the security that reflects in the use of the equipment used and the skill with which you answer your questions.
  5. Information on the web; find information about the dentist’s professional career. It is possible to find information from professionals with the help of new technologies.
  6. Seek recommendations, from other patients and evaluate their experience and their compliance with the results of their treatments. It is an effective technique since data are collected directly, and by known people.

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A health professional must be qualified by his guild and before the laws of the country, to guarantee a good service and even the life of his patients. Knowing these characteristics of your dentist gives you peace of mind, knowing that this professional is governed by a code of ethics and must comply with and comply with the laws governing the subject. A medical malpractice by a dentist gives rise to a legal claim and ensures compensation to the affected patient. No dentist will want this to happen, for this reason, they are obliged to provide good service to their patients.