Many people, despite their efforts, find it hard to lose weight. Regardless if they follow a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, they still end up overweight or obese. And if you’re someone who shares the same sentiment, you’d know how frustrating this situation can be. Not only will you feel defeated because your efforts didn’t pay off but you’ll also lose your self-confidence during the process. This can become the reason why you’d be insecure about yourself, especially with your body image. Fortunately, there are easier and faster ways to lose weight, and one of these ways is through gastric sleeve surgery. This is a medical breakthrough which allows people to lose weight long-term.

During a gastric sleeve surgery, a portion of your stomach is removed in order to make it smaller, probably around the shape and size of a banana. The surgeon makes small cuts in your stomach, inserts a tiny camera, assesses the images sent in a monitor and proceeds to cut ¾ of your stomach. This surgery takes about an hour, and you’ll be required to stay in the hospital for at least two days. Many people are opting to undergo gastric sleeve surgery for the number of benefits it can give them namely:

  1. Weight loss: This is one of the most obvious reasons why a gastric sleeve surgery is helpful. Since your stomach is smaller, you’ll feel full sooner. Additionally, you’ll feel less hungry because a smaller stomach means it’ll secrete fewer hunger-causing hormones. Collectively, all of these things can result in lesser food consumption.

Many people have vouched how their lives changed for the better after losing weight due to gastric sleeve surgery.  If you want to know how, read through VSG forums.

  1. Improve cardiovascular health: The heart is a vital organ. It pumps and circulates blood to different parts of your body. A successful gastric sleeve surgery can also have a positive impact on your cardiovascular health. After the surgery, your cholesterol levels and blood pressure will return to normal or almost normal. Because of these, you’ll have lesser chances of developing several heart diseases and stroke.
  1. Relief from depression: Depression is common among people who are obese or overweight. Your weight can become the reason why you have poor body image and always fear judgment from the society. Regardless of your age and gender, being obese or overweight can lead to social isolation and depression. When you get to lose weight, you don’t have to worry about all of these. Losing all of your excess weight can also mean that you’ll be able to regain your self-confidence and improve your mental health in the long run.
  1. Joint pain relief: Having too much weight can stress out several joints in your body namely joints in the pelvis, feet and low back and spine. This weight can cause chronic pain and even joint damage. When there’s discomfort in your body, your range of motion will be limited. After gastric sleeve surgery, the stress from these joints can be relieved. You won’t need to use pain medications in order to function, and you’ll enjoy more mobility.
  2. Improve fertility: Your weight affects your fertility in many ways. For one, since obesity affects your hormones, your chances of conception can decrease. Obesity can also lead to insulin resistance which adversely affects how your body produces eggs. If you’re planning to get pregnant anytime soon, consider losing any excess weight through gastric sleeve surgery first. Once you achieved your ideal weight, it’ll be easier and healthier for you to conceive, carry and deliver a child.
  1. Alleviate other medical conditions: As mentioned, being obese or overweight makes you susceptible to severe medical conditions such as gallbladder diseases, diabetes, hypothyroidism and polycystic ovary syndrome. You can also experience metabolic syndromes and pregnancy complications when you’re carrying too much weight. A weight loss surgery can alleviate all these medical conditions and improve the quality of your life.

Consider Other Options

Your weight plays an important role in your well-being. If you’re obese or overweight, you’ll be hindered to do specific activities, become too conscious of your physical appearance and be at risk in developing life-threatening illnesses and diseases. If you want to steer away from this direction or if you think all of your dieting and exercising aren’t going anywhere, consider having gastric sleeve surgery. This medical intervention might be the only solution you need so you can finally say goodbye to those extra pounds!