Here is how to get rid of gallstones using natural remedies

Do you have gallstones? This is a common problem that mostly affects more ladies than men. Doctors receive more than 750, 000 patients who ask for surgeries to remove gallstones. Most of the people who opt for surgery don’t fully comprehend the source of gallstones.

It is can a painful experience that can be treated through surgery. This, however, is not the only option to treat gallstones. That is why we will teach you other natural remedies for the condition. We will start with the basics as we help you understand what they are, where they come from and the symptoms of gallstones. Read on!

What are gallstones?

The gallbladder sometimes accumulates small stones like a sac. The gallstones have cholesterol elements and calcium deposits and substances that the bile produces. They vary in density, composition, and size.

Gallstones form when substances such as cholesterol and calcium accumulate in your gallbladder.  They can cause a lot of pain in the abdomen or the back as well as indigestion problems. Your gallbladder is supposed only to hold liquid content, so when it contains solid material, it can get severe.

What causes them?

Hormonal imbalances mostly cause gallstones. That is why most women get them especially during pregnancy or after delivering. People who are prone to developing gallstones are those between 20 to 60 years.

The female sex hormone, estrogen contributes to high percentage of gallstones in women. It increases cholesterol in your bile and reduces the regular movements of your gallbladder.

What are the symptoms of gallstones?

The symptoms vary in intensity because some people may have them and not be aware of this. The intensity, as well as duration, differs in people. Some people experience sharp pains, especially at night. Doctors call this gallstone attacks.

Some people have swollen abdomens while others experience pain around the shoulders or the back. You may also feel nauseated from gallstones.

Natural remedies for gallstones

Maintain a healthy body

Studies reveal that excess weight makes you produce cholesterol in high levels. Some of it may accumulate in your gallbladder. As a woman, try to keep the weight down to prevent inflammation of the gallbladder. Fat on the lower part of the abdomen is unhealthy for your gallbladder.

Stay away from fad or crash diets

Some of us enroll in fad diets without considering the risk. The lack of consistency in weight loss programs can cause a deficiency or even an electrolyte imbalance. You risk developing gallstones.

We all strive to lose lots of weight all at once. Research, however, shows that shedding more than three pounds every week exposes you to the risk of developing gallstones. It is recommended that you lose weight slowly and not drastically.

Low-calorie diets and surgeries to reduce weight are not healthy since they can cause gallstones. Experts advise that you lose at least two pounds in a week since it is slow and will not cause a digestion rebound.

Consider anti-inflammatory diets

Your diet determines if your bile picks up cholesterol particles from your body. That is why you need to consume anti-inflammatory foods. They reduce the risk of getting gallstones as well as reduce excess estrogen in your body.

Take vegetables, beans or legumes. Reduce processed foods and refined sugar. You can also try dandelion, green and artichokes since they support the digestive health and enhance the flow of bile that is responsible for the breakdown of fats.

If you need fats, coconut oil and olive oil which support the liver and empty the gallbladder frequently to get rid of any accumulated substances. If you have indigestion problems, you can try pumpkin seeds that are easily digested and can minimize inflammation.

Remain active

Working out has a lot of benefits and protecting you from gallstones in one of them. It prevents you from drastically losing weight and helps you cut down on the calories at a slower rate. You can try burst exercises or intense training for half an hour.

Check your birth control technique

Some birth control medicines cause hormonal fluctuations that can lead to gallstones due to the production of high cholesterol levels. Stay away from oral contraceptives and consider a birth control that is non-hormonal such as the coil.

Cleanse your gallbladder

The gallbladder flush breaks down any solid material in your gallbladder. You can achieve this through consuming juice from herbs. Some people use olive oil to cleanse the bladder though there is no scientific research to prove this.

Take lots of fluids

Staying hydrated can help purify the organs in your body including the gallbladder. Take water and juices in high quantities if you don’t like the dull taste of water.  You can try apple juice which softens the gallstones so that you can pass them out of your system. Alcohol should not be part of the fluids you should take. It is unhealthy and tampers with your body organs.

Try yoga

The stretches in yoga can help you pass gallstones. It enhances lipid profile for people with diabetes and can help you with abnormal lipid profiles. It also relieves the pain that comes from gallstones as you stretch your back and shoulders.

Look for milk thistle

This stimulates organs such as the liver and your gallbladder. You can either take in it the pill form or as a herb. Consult your doctor if you have diabetes before taking milk thistle since it is known to reduce blood sugar.

Try acupuncture

Acupuncture is effective in reducing the pain that comes from gallstones. It eases the flow of bile and minimizes spams. Acupuncture reduces the swelling and inflammation of the affected areas. It is also a safe remedy to use. Get an acupuncturist who is licensed from a reputable institution.

Final thoughts

From the above, you can see that surgery may be more expensive than these natural remedies to treat gallstones. Start applying them and start noticing the changes in the intensity of the pain. The secret is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting rid of poor habits. We wish you a quick recovery!