More and more people turn to TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) for a series of problems – mostly related to pain. The benefits of such machinery have also convinced numerous clinics to implement them and offer various treatments based on them. Apart from ameliorating pain, TENS units work on the longterm effects as well. Basically, they boost the natural production of endorphins, which represent the body’s natural approach to killing pain.

However, before looking for the right pain clinic, it pays off to do some research and understand what these machines can do for you. So, what do you need to know?

How TENS units decrease the perception of pain

No matter what size they come in or what other extra features they have, all TENS units work on the exact same principles. Their primary role is to ameliorate pain in suffering patients, but also to increase the endorphin production in the attempt to ease further painful episodes.

A TENS unit comes with small pads that must be placed around the painful spot. Electrical pulses are then sent to the pads and go straight to the skin. When under electrical stimulation, the skin releases numerous nerve fibers that alter the signals of pain going to the brain. After all, that’s where all the action occurs. When the brain is tricked into thinking there’s no pain, the patient doesn’t feel it anymore. Other than that, the machine stimulates the body to release more endorphins, which naturally kill pain.

Patients have the possibility to control the intensity of a TENS unit when they have their own. When trying to find the best TENS unit, chances are a specialist will do it for you. It’s worth noting that different patients will experience different sensations. In some patients, pain relief occurs as soon as the machine starts. It’s almost instant. In others, the pain disappears after the unit is turned off. It depends on how intense the pain is.

A TENS unit will only treat acute pains occurring under specific circumstances, such as an accident, an injury or a surgery. It’s also used in chronic pains, as long as the painful episodes are not too frequent – such as back pains.

Common problems solved with a TENS unit

While a TENS unit can handle most pains, specialists recommend using them for the most common episodes. In other words, you can benefit from a TENS unit if you suffer from one of the following pains:

  • Back pains
  • Muscle pains, regardless of the location
  • Joint pains – legs, shoulders or elbows
  • Dental pains
  • Knee osteoarthritis

Side effects of TENS units

When trying to find the right pain clinic and best TENS unit, side effects are nothing to be concerned of. The unit will not interact with medications and will not cause any injuries. It might cause a mild skin irritation sometimes though. Also, some patients will have a false sense of security after using a TENS unit, yet these innovative machines may not always work against extreme pains.

In conclusion, a TENS unit can work wonders over pains, but it pays off doing your homework and talking to a specialist first.