Seeing people with disabilities accomplish tasks equally and even better than able-bodied people is typical. Although there are restrictions to their movements and capabilities, they can still function as an ordinary individual. They don’t let their disability get in the way. Aside from their perseverance, mobility aids such as a lightweight wheelchair help people with disabilities in more ways than one. No wonder this kind of wheelchair has become one of the most preferred mobility aids by disabled people! If you’re thinking of buying an affordable ultra-light wheelchair for your own, consider the benefits it can give you:


  1. Easy to store: Wheelchairs are very useful for a person with a disability. However, when not in use, this can become an eyesore and can reduce space at home. This can become a problem especially if your home isn’t spacious enough. The solution? Lightweight wheelchairs. These are very easy to store and don’t require any expertise for someone to do it. Because it’s lightweight, it can easily be stored in any corner of your home. You can store this in the tiniest spaces of your living area and even hide it underneath your bed. And because most lightweight wheelchairs are foldable, storing this won’t consume too much of your valuable space.
  2. Very light to carry: For a person with a disability to improve their quality of life, they should always have a positive attitude. This is also one factor necessary towards recovery. However, when you’re left at home alone, you can never achieve any of these. You’ll only feel depressed and isolated. Fortunately, a lightweight wheelchair can help you see the world as frequently as you want. Lightweight wheelchairs weigh only around 14kg, making it very easy and light to carry. If you want to travel or visit the nearest park, you can – all thanks to a lightweight wheelchair!
  3. It’s easy to maneuver: The last thing you want to worry about when you’re using your wheelchair is not being able to do simple chores at home. Wiping the dishes, sweeping the floors and even organizing your clothes might become impossible to do. But when you use a lightweight wheelchair, you can still do all of these! Because this type of wheelchair has larger wheels, you won’t have to put too much effort just to maneuver it. You’ll be able to move around swiftly while minimizing strain on your arms. That means more mobility and less stress for you.
  4. Provides storage options: For sure, you have several hobbies which you love to do during your leisure time. This might include reading books from your favorite authors, knitting sweaters, and painting sceneries. Regardless of what your hobbies are, you can still do all of these things while you’re seated in your lightweight wheelchair. A lightweight wheelchair also has several storage options making it easy for you to carry your favorite things around. You can bring with you your books, knitting needles and paint brushes anywhere.
  5. It distributes weights: You might already be convinced of how useful a lightweight wheelchair is but concerned that it won’t support your weight. If you weigh 250 pounds or less, a lightweight wheelchair can still be perfect for you. Although lightweight, this wheelchair is made from a sturdy frame. It can even distribute weight evenly and can provide comfort whenever you’re seated.
  6. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use: Sure, there might be some things you can no longer do when you’re disabled but being able to enjoy the outdoors isn’t one of them. When you’re disabled, you can still go out and have fun. And when you use a lightweight wheelchair, you’ll be able to do just that in the most convenient way possible. There’s no need to transfer from one wheelchair to another because a lightweight wheelchair can be used for both indoors and outdoors.
  7. Improves your range of motion: Deciding which wheelchair to use can become a struggle since there are many varieties to choose from. Some have advanced upgrades, larger footboards and even sizes. These different wheelchairs can be helpful to different people. However, if you’re looking for one which can provide mobility, a lightweight wheelchair can be your best choice. It’s lightweight which means that you’re in full control of where the wheelchair will go. Its size and weight won’t overwhelm you compared to other types of wheelchairs.
  8. Gives you independence: One of the reasons why handicapped people suffer from depression is because they feel like they can’t do anything on their own. They’ll have to rely on other people for them to live. Using a lightweight wheelchair on a regular basis can change this perception. With the number of benefits it can give you, you’ll be empowered to do things on your own. Any chores at home and events outside can be attended with a lightweight wheelchair.

There’s Still More To Life

Even if you’re handicapped, you can still do so many things in life. There are now tools and devices in the medical field which will make it easy for you to continually function – and one of these is a lightweight wheelchair. The number of benefits this kind of wheelchair has is enough to convince you that this can change your life for the better. Start scouting for suppliers where you can get a lightweight wheelchair. Once you start to use it, acquaint yourself with its benefits, and you’ll surely enjoy mobility as a handicapped.

Carol Gibbins

Carol Gibbins believes in the power of writing to be able to touch the hearts and minds of readers, and this is exactly what motivates her to pursue a career as a blogger and contributor for sites such as Disability Friendly. Her penchant to write pieces with a unique and creative flair has allowed her to both entertain and inform her readers on various issues and topics related to healthcare and medicine.