Oral health is important for a variety of reasons. For one, your oral health can make or break your confidence. A cavity or gum disease can become the reason why you’ll have issues creating relationships with other people. This can have adverse effects on your life especially when you’re working. Additionally, your oral health is linked to your overall health and wellness. You can’t possibly eat well when you feel pain in your mouth. This can make you susceptible to illnesses and diseases over time. These are just some of the reasons why choosing a dentist clinic for your needs should be carefully thought of. Your dentist will play a very big role in maintaining your oral health.

It’s very easy to find a dentist clinic in a location near you, but finding one which will provide your unique needs can sometimes become a challenge. The same is also true when you’re living in Durham. With the number of dentist clinics within the area, picking the right one for you can become stressful. To help you out, consider the tips below on choosing a dentist clinic in Durham:


  1. The distance of the clinic from your home: Most of the time, dental procedures will require more than just one appointment. This is especially true when you’re using dental braces. When you have braces on, you’ll be required to visit the clinic at least once a month for adjustments. This still doesn’t include appointments for other procedures (dental filling, tooth extraction, etc.) needed along the way. This is the reason why you should choose a clinic near your home. Aside from the convenience, you’ll pay minimal cost for fares whenever you’re visiting the clinic for an appointment. Dental emergencies can also be resolved faster when the clinic is just near your home.
  2. The price of dental services: Aside from the proximity, the price of the dental services is something which you should also consider. Inquire with the different clinics in Durham about their prices. Working with a clinic which offers you affordable prices will always be among the best choices. You don’t want to sacrifice your budget just because you just had a tooth extraction, right? A clinic should help you keep your oral health in top shape with a price you can afford.
  3. The experience of the dentist: Your oral health is vital to your wellness and entrusting it to a mediocre or inexperienced dentist is risky. One wrong move made by a dentist can have long-term effects in your life. When you already have a list of clinics in Durham, call them individually to inquire about the experience of the dentist. The longer the dentist is practicing the profession, the better results you can get from them.

  1. The varieties of treatments offered: Being seated in a dentist’s chair is nerve-wracking. And when you’re going to get different dental services from various clinics, the emotions can heighten. You might even end up being scared to see a dentist in the long run. Save yourself from situations like these by working with a dentist who offers a variety of services. You want someone who can do all the basic and advanced dental procedures. This will make it easier for you to trust and adjust to one dentist. When you’re getting different services from the same dentist, it won’t be long before you’d be relaxed and calm every time you come in for an appointment.
  2. The patients’ testimonials: Testimonials from previous patients still remain to be one of the most reliable sources to determine how efficient a clinic and dentist is. These people have worked with a clinic and dentist in the past and they can attest whether their oral health has improved after seeking professional services. If you know friends or family who have a preferred clinic in Durham, ask them about their experience. Be wary of the information they’ll give you. If they tell you to stay away from certain clinics or dentist, follow their advice. Don’t fall victims to shady clinics no matter how professional-looking or cheap their service are. Chances are, these clinics will do more harm than good to you.

Sound Decisions Require Time

Compared to buying clothes, choosing a dentist clinic for your needs is more critical. Anything a dentist does in your mouth can’t be restored. When a dentist pulls out a tooth and afterward realizes it’s the wrong one, he can’t possibly return the tooth in place. This is a classic example of why you should be careful in choosing a Durham dentist. Aside from using the tips in this article, take time before deciding. Don’t be enticed to new and cheap dentist clinics. Consider all the possible factors so you’ll end up working with a dentist clinic perfect for your oral health needs.

Gary Schlotterer Bio:

Gary Schlotterer DDS is the owner of Digital Dentistry at Southpoint. The practice opened in 2003 and is located in Durham, NC. Dr. Schlotterer graduated from Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery. He has two sons and is an avid golfer.