Having a good night sleep helps us in our daily life in many ways. We all know how important proper night sleep is! Unfortunately, we often do not sleep well due to sleep deprivation, chronic back & neck pain, and undiagnosed insomnia. (Source) About 45% of American people suffer from sleeping lack, according to Sleep Health Index of National Sleep Foundation. We face various sleep problems. And you know what; every problem has a solution.

Sleep problem has solutions too. There are many ways to solve your sleep problems and improve the quality of your sleep, such as trying sleeping masks. Today, we will talk about how you can improve your sleep with right sleeping positions. Here we go…

Right Positions for Sleeping:

Impaired sleep interferes with the natural ability of health of self-healing. It also aggravates various medical problems. For a better sleep, there are some factors that help. Mattress & Pillows, Room Environment and Body Position are the most common factors; and among them, maintaining the sleep position is the easiest & cost-free way.

There are mainly 3 sleep positions- Side Sleep, Back Sleep and Stomach Sleep. Side & Back sleeping positions are recommended by most of the doctors and sleep experts. But you may agree with that, an individual should choose his/ her sleeping position based on his/ her comfort preference & specific needs; because, comfort matters. Now look at the potential issues and benefits of top 3 sleeping positions-

  1. Side Sleeping:

69% of people are side sleepers, according to Better Sleep Council. This one of the most common and recommended sleeping positions. For the best side sleeping position, you should lay down as posture fatal pose with legs and keep a pillow between the two knees. This position helps to keep the pelvis level natural and reduces the chance of back pain, stiffness and irritation. On the other hand, side sleepers experience nerve compression.

Side sleeper can sleep on 2 different sides, left side and right side. Different side sleeping position has different advantages and disadvantages. For an example, people who sleep on their right side, face strain on their internal organs such as lungs, liver and stomach. And people who sleep on their left side, Face acid reflux reduction. That why doctors recommend the side sleepers to alternate their sides during night sleep.

  1. Back Sleeping:

Back sleeping is the most comfortable sleeping position and this position distributes the body pressure and weight over the neck, joint and spine. That’s why better circulation can be flown easily in this position and the body can take optimal rest. The position reduces the pressure on the discs why help the neck and back to take rest. People who have back and neck pain, get benefits with this position.

Back sleeping position has disadvantages too. If you can’t maintain the proper position, and your neck or shoulders get the full pressure accidentally, you’ll get pain. For this issue, adjustable bed frames can be the perfect solution. You can adjust the bed to your desired position to make sure the relief. Additionally, back sleepers face the higher snoring rate which is so annoying for your partner.

  1. Stomach Sleeping:

Though many people are stomach sleepers, but this position has the most disadvantages. When you sleep on your stomach, the circulation and digestive system can’t run correctly. Additionally, it causes the back and neck pain. And the most important thing is, it harms your internal organs which is not good and has a huge negative impact on the body.

If you are a stomach sleeper, then you should quit this habit right now and try to switch to another position. But you know, habit can’t be changed anytime. You may require some time. Until then, you may use good mattresses. Memory foam mattress, Hybrid mattress or Gel mattress can help you. These mattresses are highly comfortable and you’ll get less pain.

Additionally, mattress dimensions are another fact to consider. Because, when you sleep on your stomach, you need to spread your entire body to reduce pressure on the stomach. And if you use a small mattress, then it’s tough to maintain it.