The regrowth of hair means hair strands are implanted into the area of the balding part. Why people looking for hair implantation is a good question deal about the problem of baldness first. The condition of wholly or partly dis-appearing the hair from the scalp area is termed as the balding or pattern baldness condition. Most of the masses are experiencing the problem of baldness and the answer is hair implantation.

What is Hair Implantation?                         

The hair implantation is the method of regrowth of original hair follicles that follow the method of harvesting. The harvesting process in the implantation can be done through the scientific method of hair strands extraction, either by the FUT or the FUE. The FUT hair transplant applies the strip excision in which a Surgeon involves the simple incision and follows the concluding technique also termed as the Trichophytic closing technique. This method of implantation is counted as one of the best result oriented technique and applied widely by the dexterous Surgeons. The hair transplant in Dubai is a prominent option due to the best availability of the expert Surgeon now with the modest price facility in the UAE.

Why Hair Implantation for the Spareness of Hair?

As we all know that the regrowth can give the option of fulfilling the need of what’s lacking and in the case of the hair restoration Surgeon allows the re-growing technique via the technique of hair root separation either by the strip excision technique or the follicular extraction of roots aided by the multiple punching process.

The Importance of Hair Implantation Surgery:

  1. A Natural Way to Restore Hair: The surgery of the hair implantation is actually a natural method because Surgeon takes the roots from the patient’s own body and again implanted into the area of the lost zone. So, it opens the opportunity to grow hair naturally followed by the simple incision as well as the suturing method to fulfill the transplantation process.
  2. One can enjoy the Lifelong effect of Hair Growth: The assumption of hair implantation is based on the Di-hydro Testosterone-resistivity formulae that compel a surgeon to pick the hair roots from the area, which is already DHT-resistant. In this way, one can get the most permanent hair roots that remain on the scalp forever.
  3. This allows natural attributes of Hair: The hair implantation procedure facilitates the option of the reclamation of hair and also maintains the natural tendency of hair, i.e., color, caliber, texture and measurement. The natural process includes the length of hair and their type that remains forever on the scalp.
  4. The Painless method with Easy Recovery: The implantation of hair is absolutely a painless because of the use and management of the local anesthesia. The management in the local anesthesia needs the careful assessment and the proper planning in order to give the zero pain effect in the plantation surgery.
  5. The Hair Implantation Gives utmost Natural Outcomes: Yes, the procedure of the hair implantation can give the best outcome if the effect comes in the form of the mark-less and painless effect. The Surgeon applies the best technique in order to offer the unnoticeable hair transplant result and always maintain a strict evaluation in the view of achieving the cosmetic goal of the implantation surgery.


So, the choosing technique has a valuable importance in the implantation procedure as it decides the whole success in terms of offering the permanent follicular units, the natural tendency of hair characteristics as well as maintaining the quality and type of hair.