Tibia vara or bow legs as they are also known are very common in many people especially kids as they grow up. While this condition is normal in babies, it should change as they grow up and as their bones take shape. However, many people only think that this problem can be rectified only through surgery but this is far from the truth. You can have bow legs no more by simply exercising from the convenience of your home and this coupled with the right diet and lifestyle will definitely resolve the problem.

It is also good to understand some of the main causes of bowlegs which include vitamin D deficiency, fluoride poisoning, nutrition deficiency, abnormal bone development and fractures among others. There is no need for medical treatment not unless the problem has worsened but before it comes to such a point, these exercises should help fix the problem naturally and effectively. They include the following: –

Exercises to fix bow legs naturally

Leg strengthening exercises

If the problem is just slight, leg strengthening exercises can help correct it and improve the condition. The exercises are specifically meant to deal with bowlegs correction strain that is found on the joints and tendons and also improve the legs especially the muscles around your knee area. The exercises are simple and you just need to lay down on a mat or bench while bending the knees.

Once on this position, place some weight (approximately 10 pounds) between your feet and then bend the legs until you feel your butt. Follow this by extending the legs and repeat this for a number of times every day. You can add weights to make them heavier and repeat daily and with time you’ll see some changes.


If you want bow legs no more, then yoga might be an exercise worth thinking about. Yoga is easy to do but the results are remarkable especially if you are consistent. Yoga exercises are amazing for improving your alignment and flexibility but at the beginning you’ll find them to be challenging. You can however use yoga straps to correct the posture and straighten the bow legs.

Just bind the legs together using a yoga strap before trying the yoga poses such as cow face and forward bends. The routines will help correct the position of the legs and strengthen them.


Pilates are very ideal when you want to improve the vital muscles, correct posture, and realign the body and wave goodbye to bow legs. They work like yoga but have some great power that will tone your leg muscles and develop stomach muscles as well. You can use roll ups and ballerina arms.

Just lay down on a comfortable mat with your belly facing up and then lift your legs up and down. Keep the legs together as you do this and repeat multiple times. Combine this by lifting your torso from the ground to tighten the abdominal muscles.


Massage therapy is also effective when it comes to bow leg elimination. You should consider professional therapy but this will only be effective during the early days before the bones are hardened and muscles developed fully. Massage therapy will help work on the bow legs efficiently and naturally especially if done regularly.

Towel roller toe touch

You only need a rolled-up towel or foam roller to do these exercises and with time your bow legs will start disappearing. Just hold the towel or foam roller between the legs while standing and then bend forward to touch the toes. This helps to pull the knees in while at the same time activating the abductors.

Just stand straight with your feet apart (just a few inches) and then put the roller or rolled-up towel and then squeeze with the legs. Bend slowly to touch the toes and then go up slowly. This should be repeated a few times.

Toes-In Squat

This exercise is great and is designed to target the muscles which are located inside the thighs as opposed to the ones outside. As you squat the muscles that pull the knees towards the center are engaged and thus become strengthened. To do these exercises, just stand straight with your knees apart (three inches away from each other) and then turn the toes inwards as if to face each other.

Continue until the big toes come into contact with each other and then squat down slowly and as low as possible. Stretch your arms forward to give you some balance and then

Figure four stretch

This exercise will stretch the glutes and in the process help relax your powerful hip muscles thus letting the knees come inside a little bit. This will correct the problem of bow legs with time especially if you are committed to the exercises regularly. To do the figure four stretch, just lie down on your back and then bend your knees with your feet positioned flat on the ground.

Lift the right leg in a way that it’ll rest on the outside of the right ankle across the left knee. While in this position, pass your right arm through the gap that’s created between the right and left knee and hold the front of the left shin. Put the left hand under the right foot and hold the front of the left shin as well. As you do this, bend back and hold the left keen towards the chest and stretch the right glute. Alternate the legs and repeat the process, holding for at least 30 seconds.

There are other exercises that you’ll find to be ideal when you want to get rid of the bow legs. These can be combined for effective results. However, it is also good to incorporate the right nutrition and also use safe supplements especially for Vitamin D. as you seek to do away with bow legs, you can learn more from Bow Legs No More, an eBook purposely dedicated towards this.