Four Signs That It’s Time To Get Dental Implants

Dental implants offer an ideal answer for people who have lost teeth but want a longer-term resolution than crowns or bridges. Unlike removable prosthetics, implants affix straight into your jawbone, which enhances restoration, function and aesthetics. To date, more than 3 million patients have opted for this procedure because of a 98 percent success rate. Our patients at Whole Life Dental in Plantation FL want a natural appearance, which is why we offer dental implants as the obvious choice for people who suffer from irreparable or cosmetic issues. Here are some indicators of when you should get dental implants.

You Experience a Missing Tooth or Teeth

Regardless of whether it is one tooth or several of them, dental implants fill in the extra space that often leaves you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. Noticeable spacing also makes many people feel less confident, whether in one’s professional or personal life. The longer you wait, the more procedures you will need to undergo to prepare for the implant, so you should discuss it with us as soon as you lose a tooth.

You Have Dentures or Partials

Dentists offer dentures and partials as another affordable option for patients who suffer from the loss of several teeth due to disease or injury. Dentures are not permanent nor are they as long-lasting as implants. They require upkeep and are also unpredictable. For a person who wants a permanent solution, dental implants are a much more reliable option.

When You Need an Extraction

From gum disease to an advanced cavity or other tooth damage, there are reasons why an extraction needs to happen. Once the swelling subsides, it is the perfect time to get an implant since your jawbone is still intact and usable. Aesthetically, it is also better since your spacing will not have had time to begin closing. You have options to restore your dental health after an extraction.

You Have a Cracked or Broken Tooth

Some teeth that are severely cracked or broken are not candidates for repair using a resin filling. Because your tooth must be extracted, you have several options that you need to consider. Bridges and dentures are not as durable as dental implants. You do have an opportunity for a dental crown but, if you grind your teeth, you susceptible to fractures. You need to weigh factors and decide on the benefits of implants compared to other dental procedures so that you choose the one that works for your circumstances.

You Want to Restore Your Appearance

When you have missing teeth or dentures, they create a sunken appearance because of the loss of jawbone and tooth infrastructure. The longer the tooth is missing, the less likely the jawbone option for an implant. The solution to both your appearance and the jawbone function is to receive dental implants that restore your ability to chew, speak and show expression without the stigma attached to tooth loss.

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