To enjoy excellent oral health you need to visit a dentist. Many believe that one should get in touch with a dentist during the time of an emergency or when they face some kind of dental problems. If this is what you think then you are missing on something. As per the American Dental Association one should visit a dentist for routine checkups at least twice a year. This helps the dentist to examine your dental condition and rule out any problems in the initial stage itself before it becomes severe or untreatable.

Let’s look at the role of a dentist more closely:

Dentists are doctors who are specialists in treating oral health problems. They are responsible to diagnose oral diseases and create treatment plans for the restoration of oral health. A dentist manages oral trauma and many emergency situations apart from performing surgical procedures, cosmetic dentistry, monitoring teeth development and growth, etc. A good dentist like Baer Dental will also ensure safe administration of anesthetics. They offer comprehensive treatment plans for you and your family.

A dentist works with the team which includes dental assistants, lab technicians, dental hygienists, etc.

Why routine check up?

During a routine check-up, a good dentist will not just examine teeth and gums, but will check for swellings, gum problems, bad breath problems, lumps, discoloration, ulcers, etc. A renowned clinic like Baer Dental works closely with the patient to find out what have been the dental concerns in the past or what can prevail in the future. They will advise on how to keep your oral health condition perfect. Dentists can spot early warning signs pertaining to chronic diseases like cancers. Thus, you can get the treatment at the right time and get rid of the dental problem as quickly as possible.

The dentist will check for tooth decay problems or visible signs of the tooth enamel being softened. This indicates about the cavity in its early stages. To determine the gum health and health of the supporting bone your dentist will use periodontal probe to measure pockets around the teeth. The measurement works like a marker to check whether the bone is in perfect condition or is it losing in order to cause a gum disease like gingivitis. The dentist will also do bite evaluation and check for any teeth irregularities which can affect your dental health.

Dentists recommend patients to clean their teeth on a routine basis so the health of their gum tissues is not compromised at any level. This also helps the patients to avoid periodontal diseases. A licensed dentist ill use the instruments to scale off hard tartar or plaque and then polish the teeth using a special paste. This will also remove stains and polish the enamel.

During the visit, the dentist will guide the patient on how to manage their teeth properly and give home care instructions. The dentist will discuss about brushing and flossing techniques, foods to avoid and foods to snack on for maintaining good dental health.

Regular dental visits can preserve the health of your teeth and gums. It will allow you to smile confidently and get rid of severe problems at an early stage. So, book an appointment today with your dentist and enjoy great oral health.