A proper sleep is very important to get a youthful skin. Sleep has a deep and strong connection with body and skin. Your skin complexion can be compromised in many ways, such as poor diet, hydration, and lack of exercise, unhygienic practices, wrong skincare regimen, and too much sun and obviously, poor sleep.

In your young age of 20s, your skin looks like glowing and youth. You naturally think that your skin can’t be damage this time, as you have a healthy skin. But no; you’re wrong! You know what, in this age, your skin gets damages but doesn’t show up. The damages are hidden underneath. And along with getting older, your skin cell process starts slowing down. As a result, the damage of the skin starts showing its signs.

Well, to prevent this, you need to know about the cause of skin damage that can influence skin’s vitality and health. In this article, we will know about one of the reasons of skin damage. Sleep deprivation is a major cause. Lack of sleep can make you to suffer a lot. Let’s have a quick look at sleep deprivation facts.

Drives up The Stress Hormone

Stress and sleep have a 2-way relationship. All of know that anxiety creates sleep problem or insomnia. But most of us don’t know that lacking of sleep creates stress too. If you don’t have the proper sleep, your “Cortisol” hormone (Stress Hormone) level grows up which is the reason of collagen breakdown. If your skin collagen starts breaking down, it causes rubbery skin as well. Additionally, your skin starts losing moisturizer too. Finally, you get a lousy skin! Oh no! You should be aware of sleep lacing now.

Drive down The Immune System:

By many studies and researches, we found that immune system function starts suppressing by sleep deprivation. And if the response of your immune system function becomes low, your body protection system will be harm including skin. Remember, micro-organisms are waiting for this kind of opportunity to establish parasitic condition. So, don’t let them get a single chance! Because giving a chance can be the biggest mistake for your healthy skin.

Cause of Aged Looking Skin:

According to a study commissioned by Estee Lauder in the year of 2013 proved that poor sleepers have more signs of skin aging. They applied this research on 30-49 years women. Basically, when you are asleep, your body cells work to repair and rejuvenate your skin. But if you do not pay the required sleep for the body, your skin will get older too.

Cause of Weight Gain and Saggy Skin:

Not enough sleep is one of the causes of weight gaining and saggy skin. When you gain weight, your skin starts becoming loose eventually because of lack of moisturizer. Practically, poor sleep influences the body to produce more “Ghrelin” hormone that tells the brain to eat. This process has a great effect on weight gaining and the as a result of weight gaining, your skin starts becoming saggy day by day.

Deprives Your Body Repairing:

When you sleep, your body reaches the equilibrium state and works to repair and rejuvenate facilitate cells. This is the reason why proper sleep keeps your skin, body and mind fresh and healthy as well. But lacking of sleep deprives this function and your body (including skin) doesn’t get enough opportunity to be repaired. As a result, the skin starts fading.

Well, after knowing these causes, I think you should start sleeping properly. Because lacking of sleep has too many disadvantages that you can’t even imagine! So, sleep well, be well.