What is depression? How marijuana helps overcome it? Also called a major depressive disorder, depression is a medical disorder affecting the way that one feels, thinks and acts. It leads to a loss of interest in the activities once enjoyed and a decrease in ability to function at home, work or school. Depression signs include difficulty in making decisions or concentrating, causing mild to severe effects.  But did you know that marijuana might help overcome it? A medical marijuana dispensary highlights several studies supporting cannabis can help overcome stress and depression.

How Marijuana Helps Overcome Depression

Medical marijuana could decrease anxiety and promote better sleep, according to a published study by the Hawaii Journal of Medicine & Public Health.  The same study revealed that not only pain management but also mood lifting is a potential benefit of cannabis.

Another study from researchers at the Buffalo University, New York cited findings on the potentials of marijuana in reducing chronic stress related depression.

The scientists focused on the brain chemicals endocannabinoids similar with marijuana substances. Finding from the same study revealed that using cannabis-derived compounds could help in easing depression and normalizing moods.

Ways Marijuana Helps to Motivation

Marijuana can help in dopamine release because on the way it interacts and affects the dopamine reward pathways.  What marijuana does? It activates and stimulates certain reward pathways..

Smoking weed makes people feel good because their dopamine levels increase. It happens because THC activates the CB1 receptors.  However, this effect isn’t permanent, lasting for only about two hours after smoking.

[CB1 receptors are mostly in the spinal cord and the regions of the brain with behaviors that they are influencing. For example, CB1s are in the amygdala, which is responsible for emotional processing.]

Cannabis vs. Antidepressants

Even with different studies citing the potential benefits of marijuana in reducing stress and increasing motivation, 1 in 8 patients still take antidepressants when combating depressive moods. They do not realize the risks they’re also taking with these antidepressants nor do they recognize the potential benefits of cannabis instead.

Suicidal Thoughts

The rate of suicide rises as the use of these drugs does.

These drugs may lead to suicidal ideation, increasing one’s risk of suicide.

In fact, a significant study noted that antidepressants increased suicide risk by more than twice especially in those below 18 years old.

But in states where buying from a medical marijuana dispensary and using cannabis is legalized, suicide rates drop by 10%.

Withdrawal symptoms

Antidepressants cause extended withdrawal symptoms, also called discontinuation syndrome.  It increases one’s risk of suffering extreme withdrawal symptoms when he/she stopped taking antidepressants. For up to or at least six weeks, one can also experience new and rebound symptoms – with more depression than before.

This is the opposite with marijuana withdrawal.   In fact, 50% of consumers who stopped using it for depression experienced mild to no symptoms.

Serotonin Levels

Why antidepressants cause more depression: They lead to serotonin surplus that the brain cannot consume. This excessive supply leads to increased anxiety and fear.  It’s also the reason patients suffering from anxiety disorders also react negatively to antidepressants.

Cannabis versus antidepressants regarding serotonin levels is also better.

A small dose of it can boost serotonin while engaging the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible in maintaining balance in the body.  It interacts with different enzyme proteins and cell receptors rather than targeting only a specific cell type to alter its function – what antidepressants do.

Simply stated, marijuana can lead not only in mood regulation but also in metabolism and pain management because it helps in regulating the central nervous system’s different neurotransmitters, including those linked with depression.

As it affects more than one disease pathway, it can address different issues versus antidepressants. Marijuana also provides effective symptom relief. For example, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that work against inflammation, which is a major contributor to depression, in the brain. So if you’re looking to target different issues, not only depression, in your body, cannabis from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary may offer the potential solution.

Safety Advice

You’re the only one to make the decision whether or not to use marijuana in overcoming depression and stress. Nevertheless, you should consult your doctor prior to any treatment plan or making changes to an existing one with the use of cannabis. Plus, to the major development of marijuana marketing, you can find the web filled with so many useful and informative articles which will help you better understand your needs.  Indeed, the internet and your state’s websites can become a valuable resource in learning about the safe use of medical marijuana. By utilizing these resources to your advantage, you can find out everything from what conditions qualify for medical marijuana use in your state to how to obtain a medical marijuana card in Ohio. It’s also a good idea to speak with your doctors on top of your online research to determine the best course of action for you.

Final Thoughts

Studies had it that marijuana may unlock the key to battling and eventually overcoming depression in the natural way.   Cannabis also leads to mild or no withdrawal symptoms, and it does not raise one’s risk to suicidal ideation.  Unlike antidepressants that target only a specific cell group, cannabis also improves the function of brain areas influencing different behaviors and issues.  With that said, brain inflammation linked with depression may also be addressed.

Nevertheless, cannabis use offers huge potentials in overcoming depression without the short- or long-term withdrawal effects from an antidepressant.

Are you ready to overcome depression with medical marijuana? Again, consult your doctor for advice and get his go signal.  Lastly, buy only from a trusted and legal medical marijuana dispensary today!