Congratulations to all mothers who’ve gone through the most life-changing experience of reproducing at one point or the other. Without a doubt, giving birth is one of the most challenging experiences with massive effects on the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the woman’s life.

There are however several things you can do to make this journey more bearable including prenatal yoga and prenatal massage just as outlined in This said, we shall be looking at prenatal yoga and basically the best poses that could help the pregnant woman go through the pregnancy and also face labor with a prepared mind and body.

With yoga asanas, moms can effectively decompress tension on their backs, shoulders, neck and hips while at the same time staying in good shape. This will help reduce discomfort and pain which is common for many during pregnancy. Yoga includes breathing and meditation exercises which are amazing for reducing stress while at the same time keeping you calm during labor.

On top of that, prenatal yoga will also help harmonize your body and the life that’s growing inside. However, it’s important to note that no one particular prenatal yoga practice is best suited for every pregnant woman due to the unique nature of our bodies. Here are 6 best prenatal yoga poses to consider as a pregnant woman: –

1. Heroine pose (Parvatasana in Virasana)

You start this pose by bringing the knees within the hip-width distance and then lower your seat down in-between the heels slowly. This stretches your knees deeply and you should take is easy and do it gently. For a gentler stretch, you should spread them wider but if you want to have a deeper stretch, make sure to bring the knees closer. With your fingers interlaced to the webbing, extend the arms overhead with your palms facing upwards. This pose can be modified with a bolster or block for a gentler stretch.

2. Triangle pose (Trikonasana)

Have your mat placed vertically to the wall and then walk with your feet apart up to a point where the left foot is level against the wall. While in this position, turn the right foot and leg right and have the toes facing towards the short end (top) of the mat. You can modify this pose by placing a block under your bottom hand thus giving more space to the growing belly. The aim of this posies to strengthen the core, stretch shoulders and legs and also open the hips which makes it great for engaging your entire body.

3. Gentle Spinal Twist or Baradvajasana

This yoga pose helps decompress your spine while at the same time enhancing the flow of blood to the whole spinal column. The pose is gentle as the name suggests but for safety purposes, you should avoid a deep twist or adding more pressure to your abdominal area. You can use a chair for the gentle spinal twist and just sit in while making a gentle, restorative twist. Avoid a deep twist so as to maintain a normal spinal rotation for reduced back pains.

4. Downward dog

This is a foundation yet classic yoga pose that’s practiced in many prenatal yoga sessions and classes. The pose is designed to offer benefits to the entire body and it’s also very friendly at all levels. This pose is amazing especially if you have back pain as it offers a great stretch thus decompressing the spine, stretching the shoulders, arms and legs. You can modify the pose using a chair and this is always safe for pregnant women.

5. Deep Relaxation (Savasana)

As a pregnant woman, savasana is one of the best prenatal yoga poses for you. This is also ideal for everybody else as it helps you relax deeply and safely. It is however important to note that during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, the baby’s weight can put a lot of pressure on your large vein running along the spinal cord and as such, you should go for sideways or supported savasana. Savasana allows pregnant women to relax, calm the brain and settle the stress hormones.

6. Viparita Karani (Legs Elevated)

This prenatal yoga pose allows your legs to go up the wall safely thus helping to relief your stress in a fantastic way. The pose just takes a few seconds in intervals (30 seconds) but the benefits are overwhelming. By elevating your legs above your heart, your mind and body are calmed down safely and amazingly. The prenatal yoga pose will help keep your legs healthy and protect you from swelling feet and ankles, blood clots, varicose veins and enhance blood circulation.

These yoga poses are safe and amazingly beneficial to any pregnant woman throughout the pregnancy period. There are also other practices you should consider to keep yourself healthy, strong and beautiful throughout the pregnancy. Nouri Face & Body Concepts offers great packages that will definitely benefit any pregnant woman during and after pregnancy.