The medicinal and therapeutic benefits of the Succinic Acid found in Baltic Amber are beneficial to the health of the human body. Overall, the instinctual elements which comprise Succinic Acid promote vitality and resilience in the body’s internal functions and organs. With this in mind, the bioelectrical interchange that happens between the Succinic Acid and the wearer of Baltic Amber has, in fact, a most advantageous benefit in the long run.

It bears to be noted that the Succinic Acid imbued within Baltic Amber is renown for naturally treating illnesses. For this reason, natural healers throughout the centuries have turned to the powerful attributes of Baltic Amber as a holistic treatment to treating illnesses that plague the body. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant properties of Succinic Acid, this organic homeopathic is effectively revered cross-culturally.

Serving the body inside and out, the bioelectrical charge of Succinic Acid is recognized by The Food and Drug Administration. Burned as an incense and worn as a talisman, Succinic Acid is a formidable adaptogen. An adaptogen is an organic substance or compound that helps in the stabilization of the body’s physiological processes. In further detail, by decreasing cellular sensitivity to stress, Baltic Amber neutralizes stress. Thereby, it stabilizes the body’s internal organs.

Baltic Amber: A Natural Adaptogen That Alleviates Stress and Bolsters Immunity

 The biomatter of Baltic Amber inherently increases resistance to stress in more than one way. Moreover, it’s an effective homeopathic alternative that is capable of treating patients of all ages and with multiple prognoses. Holistic healers such as Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the father of medicine himself, recognized and documented in his studies the medicinal powers of Baltic Amber. Let’s continue examining these purported healing attributes in further detail below.

  1. Antioxidants Fortify the Immune System

The bioscience behind this golden-hued biomatter is therapeutic, to say the least. The warming of Baltic Amber initiates the biochemical properties to release. After which, they are seemingly absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. At which point, antioxidants are said to cleanse the blood. After the Succinic Acid is dispersed throughout the body, vital organs and their systems are reinvigorated and the immune system is bolstered.

  1. Natural Analgesic Treats Pain Without Side-Effects

Unlike other teething necklaces, Baltic amber necklace for babies is not meant to be chewed or gnawed on. On the other hand, they essentially work by sitting at the crown of the neck wherein the natural analgesic properties are absorbed. Thereby, teething pain and headaches are naturally mitigated. Most importantly, the treatment of pain is addressed and alleviated without the side-effects of pharmaceuticals.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties Relieve Swelling And Pressure

At any time of the year, the human body risks a susceptibility to germs, antibodies, viruses, and bacteria. When these foreign substances invade the body these germs give way to fatigue, illness, and inflammation. Therefore, implementing the proactive wonder of Baltic Amber supplies an individual with a holistic anti-inflammatory. Baltic Amber Teething necklaces are capable of decreasing swelling in regards to inflammation in the gums, sinus infections, and headaches. With this in mind, Baltic Amber continues its legacy of being an adaptogen that naturally defends against stressors.