The eyes are one of the smallest parts of the body, but they are the first organs to be noticed. I’m sure you’ve \ heard the cliche, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Well, it turns out, they are the windows to knowing your overall health as well! Among other things, your eyes can indicate insufficient blood to the liver, etc.

Our eyes need to be regularly checked, and this is not only true for folks with poor vision. An eye check-up is not just a fancy medical test added to health examinations; it is an important way to find health problems before they are even apparent. Comprehensive eye exams should be performed once every two years. If it has been centuries since you’ve had one, maybe it’s the right time to pay a visit to your eye doctor, especially if you experience any of the signs below.

Squinting in Order to See Better

We squint for specific reasons: to change the amount of light entering our eyes and subsequently make it easier for us to see. Squinting per se is not bad, and all of us do this at some point, whether it’s when we’re reading what’s written on the board or when we’re looking at store names while driving. However, if you’ve become so used to it that you do it every minute of your life, then that is a sign you need to pay a visit to your eye doctor for prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Eye Strains and Headaches Happen More Often

Eye strain usually results from using your eyes for visual tasks for an extended time (shout out to computer geeks out there!). Symptoms of eye strain include blurry and double vision, eye fatigue, and headache. If eye strain and headache come very often, we suggest getting a check-up from your optometrist.

Your Eye Is Infected

Eye infections can get bad pretty fast, so if there’s one developing, you should hurry and go to a dependable eye doctor. Many people just brush off sudden eye redness and itchiness most of the time, only to find swollen and painful eyes the next morning. Other symptoms to watch out for include blurred vision, light sensitivity, and discharge coming from the eyes. An antibiotic may be prescripted to do away with a gross eye infection.

You Experience Too Much Eye Pain

Pain, no matter where it is felt, is something that begs for a check-up; however, you’ll be surprised by how many people brush off the idea of an exam when they experience eye pain. Pain in the eye is usually caused by an injury, dryness, or more severe conditions, such as eye cancer and glaucoma. Before it is too late, it is always a good idea to consider going for an eye check-up when you’ve got eye pain.

Your Specs Are from a Decade Ago

If your eyeglasses are really old – with the lens scratched and the frame bent – it is an obvious sign that you need new ones and should, therefore, go to your optometrist for a check-up. Often, the grade or prescription of our eyes change as time passes. It is recommend we have regular eye exams not only when your glasses become old, but also when you can’t read small letters or when things become blurry from afar, even with your specs on.

You Suddenly Have Trouble Focusing Your Vision

Another sign that should prompt you to visit an eye doctor is if you’re having difficulty focusing. Some conditions start manifesting as blurriness of or difficulty focusing on a specific object in your line of vision. For example, you may experience blurred vision when trying to focus your sight on an apple on a table, or you may have trouble reading small prints on a newspaper or device. Don’t let it get worse. Undergo a check-up right away.

You Experience Changes in Your Vision

Are you having blurry vision that lasts a while? Maybe eye floaters are becoming a norm for you, though occasional floaters are not something to be worried about. An eye check-up is necessary when changes in your vision like these are experienced. These changes include eye floaters, light flashes, halos around light, double vision, distorted vision, and watery vision. Other concerns include sudden decreased vision in one or both eyes, loss of vision, and a change in your field of vision, such as having black spots and shadows. These are all things that need to be checked by your optometrist. For instance, there are several optometry service providers like Uptown Vision that can can help you maintain a clear vision at all times.

Your Family Has a History of Diseases Like Diabetes

If you have diabetes or your family has a known history of the disease, you might want to consider getting an eye exam. As you already know, diabetes occurs when the body is unable to produce enough insulin. It has many complications, and one is diabetic eye disease, such as glaucoma and cataract. These eye diseases threaten your sight, so if diabetes runs in the family, have yourself ready for regular eye check-ups.

So, there you have the key signs of when it is necessary to visit your reliable, old eye doctor! Protect your eyes… they are the windows to your soul and health. There is a beautiful world out there that needs discovering, and what better way to do so than by sight!

​Claire West

Claire West is a writer contributing to Uptown Vision in Dallas. As a health enthusiast, Claire loves to write pieces that are enjoyed by all. As such me makes sure her pieces are well researched and articulated. Claire loves black and white photography, and is polishing her skills with a film camera she recently bought.