The status quo would tell you that crimes and accidents are happening in different parts of the world. While some of these occurrences are minor and can be ironed out with the help of law, some are too fatal that can even cost the lives of many – and no single organization or intervention can possibly pacify a death of a loved one. Most often than not, crimes and accidents happen because of drugs. These drugs serve as the motivation for people to do unusual things, some even being too inhumane. Of course, you don’t want to be involved in a situation like this. Aside from the possibility of inflicting harm to other people without your consent, drug addiction can also become the reason for your body and health to deteriorate over time. If you can’t see the connection between the two, this article can help you.

But What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is defined as a persistent and worsening brain disease which is determined by compulsive drug cravings and use, despite being aware of the harmful consequences associated with it. Drug addiction is considered as a brain disease because drugs can adversely change the brain. Drugs can change its structure and how it functions every day,, and because of this, your behavior and thinking patterns change drastically once drugs are in your system. Even if you only used drugs for a couple of times, the changes in your brain can be long-lasting and can lead to harmful behaviors such as intentionally creating crimes.

There are several symptoms of drug addiction, and some of these are:

  • Attempting to stop using drugs but failed every time;
  • Continuing to use drugs even if it has been causing problems in your life and relationships;
  • Driving and doing other activities even when you’re under the influence of drugs;
  • Having the urge to use the drugs regularly – daily and even several times in a day;
  • Making sure that you maintain an adequate supply of drugs within your reach;
  • Needing more and more amount of drugs to get the same effect over time;
  • Not meeting responsibilities at home, school or work because of drug use; and
  • Spending money on drugs even though you can’t afford it.

How Can Drug Addiction Affect Your Body?

Telling you that drugs are harmful is an understatement. Yes, it can make you feel good at the time but your body will suffer its consequences in the long run – and usually, it’ll be too late to do anything once you’ve noticed any signs and symptoms associated with drug addiction. Here are just some of the ways of how drug addiction can affect your body:

  1. Drug addiction increases the risks of being injured: More deaths, illnesses, and disabilities are caused by drug addiction than any other form of health condition. If you live with drug addiction, you have a higher risk of experiencing adverse outcomes including unintentional injuries, domestic violence, accidents, medical problems and even death. 
  2. Drug addiction causes health problems: The impact of drug addiction can be far-reaching as it can affect every organ in your body. More specifically, drug addiction can:
  • Weaken the immune system, and once you have a weak immune system, you’re more susceptible to infections and other diseases.
  • Cause cardiovascular conditions which can include irregular heart rate to severe heart attack. Drugs which are taken through vials can also lead to collapsed veins and different infection to the blood vessels and heart valves.
  • Cause frequent nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.
  • Cause the liver to work harder which can lead to significant liver damage, liver failure, and even liver cancer.
  • Cause seizures, stroke, and other widespread brain damages. These can affect your daily life as you can experience problems with memory, attention and decision making. You can also have mental confusion and suffer the ill-effects of brain damage.
  • Produce changes in your body such as the development of breasts among men, changes in appetite and sleeping patterns, increased in body temperature which can lead to serious health risks in the future.
  1. Drug addiction affects your brain: Drugs can alter your brain chemistry, which means that when drugs are in your system, your ability to make decisions can be interfered. Coming up with a sound decision when you’re dependent to drugs might not come off as easy. Drug addiction can also lead to compulsive craving, seeking and drug use.

The dangers of drug addiction to your body should be reasons enough for you to never use it in the first place. Regardless of the things happening around you or the reason you have in mind right now, never use drugs.

In Conclusion

Drugs are dangerous. Sure, users might argue that they’ve been able to escape from the stressors of life once they are on drugs but is it really worth the risks? Would a minute of drug use equate to a lifetime of damages to your health? Obviously, it’s not – drugs are never worth the risk. If you’re too stressed from work or if you want to have a good time with friends, look for other healthier options and don’t directly reach out for drugs. Remember that you should also consider what could be the possible consequences of your actions, and not just satisfy what you presently need.

If you’re wary about the potential risks of driving under the influence of drugs, you can click here to know more about its legal implications.

Sharon Golden

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