Many businesses come to a point when they have more bills than income. This is true across all industries, especially among healthcare clinics.

Ultrasound Clinic – A Thriving Business

While ultrasound is most commonly used in OB clinics, doctors employ ultrasound imaging to help with diagnosing a variety of conditions that affect many other organs and tissues of the body. These include the heart, liver, spleen, pancreas, uterus, ovaries, and more.

And as the need to reduce practice cost becomes even more expedient, many doctors are outsourcing this procedure to qualified independent clinics. It’s a booming business, for sure – with hundreds of patients needing to undergo ultrasound imaging each day.

But like any other business, ultrasound clinics do face financial struggles too. One of which is overspending. Good thing, there are proven ways to manage and reduce costs associated with running an ultrasound business.

5 Ways to Manage and Reduce Cost

Ultrasound Equipment Maintenance

One of the most expensive aspect of running an ultrasound clinic is keeping all equipment well-maintained. A single ultrasound machine could cost more or less $250K. If not properly maintained, it could mean a few hundreds more on repair. If not, another 250K for replacement! One way to tremendously cut down expenses is to ensure that all equipment is well-maintained. The ultrasound machine should be regularly cleaned and sanitized. Many clinics make use of specialized disinfecting wipes which are formulated to remove both germs and dirt from the machine.

Using the Right Supplies

Many clinics make use of oil-based products in place of ultrasound scanning gel. Unknowingly, instead of saving money, it’s costing them more. The problem with these products is that they cause discoloring of the transducer. Unfortunately, replacing the transducer is such an expensive undertaking, with a single unit costing between $2,000-$15,000. It’s important to use the right ultrasound supplies, such as the SONO gel which is specifically formulated to produce maximum image quality while not damaging the transducers.

Utilizing Technology

More and more clinics are investing on the right technology to keep their business organized, from back office tasks like bookkeeping and accounting down to customer interaction. Software is cheaper than people. Making use of project management tools can actually reduce the need for overhead, leading to lesser expense.


Many entrepreneurs think that for massive returns, it’s going to take thousands of investments in marketing and advertising. But it isn’t always the case. Some clinics opt to market their products online, which is a cheaper yet very powerful way to reach more customers. Online marketing is the new hype and the best part is, in most cases it’s free. Advertising via social media is one good example. Hiring a digital marketing specialist can cost a minimal investment but their expertise can lead to more revenues.

Streamlining Processes

Contrary to popular view, overhead is not always a burden. In fact, it can convert into higher cost efficiency and quality of care when utilized correctly. It’s not always about reducing staff. The key is streamlining/optimizing processes. From enlisting patients to setting appointments, processing and printing results, and coordinating with other clinics, it is worth taking time to review processes and day to day operations to determine what can be shortened, make simpler, replaced, or taken out.

Ultrasound clinics are thriving these days, offering a very essential procedure used in diagnosing many conditions. Despite the high demand for their services, clinics still struggle with maximizing income due to unmanaged expenses. Fortunately, there are several ways to manage and reduce costs associated with running an ultrasound clinic. These include maintaining equipment, using the right supplies, investing on technology, utilizing the internet to market their business, and streamlining processes.