Were you recently injured and now you’re wondering where to turn for help? It can be a trying time and you can feel lost, especially if you’ve faced an injury that has significantly changed your overall quality of life. Because there are many different types of injuries and levels of severity, each case varies. Here are just a few examples of injuries and what rights you may have in order to seek viable compensation.

Types Of Injuries 

There are many types of injuries that can affect individuals, sometimes under no fault of their own. Being faced with an injury can trigger devastating effects on your lifestyle. You may not be able to function the same in your day to day life, you may have lost your job, or become permanently disabled. These injuries may have been caused from:

  • The result of an auto accident.
  • Medical malpractice such as a medical mistake or error.
  • A personal injury accident, such as a slip and fall.
  • Medical negligence that leads to a birth defect in unborn children.
  • An on-the-job accident.

Injuries that were caused at work or by the negligence of someone else means that you shouldn’t have to be responsible to pay for hospital bills and doctor’s visits. The only way to find out if you can get reimbursement for loss and suffering is to have a consultation with a qualified disability lawyer, like the pros at Myler Disability.

Qualifying For Disability

There are two main types of disability from the social security administration: SSI and SSDI. SSI stands for or supplemental security income and is designed for low-income people who may not have worked in the past or worked enough to gain work credits from the social security administration. SSDI is based off of the income of your last job and how many credits you have on your record. Both forms of disability can be hard to get because there are strict guidelines and criteria that you must meet before you can get approved. Gathering medical records from your doctor regarding your traumatic brain injury or other serious injuries is important to make sure you can send this information to your lawyer for review. The first step is to apply and see if you qualify. You can apply online and fill out the application and questionnaire to see if you meet the qualifications for being disabled. You will have to have been diagnosed with an illness or disability that will last longer than six months and is permanent or not expected to improve. You should get a decision from Social Security in about 30 to 90 days—after the case has been thoroughly reviewed. Speaking with a Social Security customer service representative can help give you some details about the progress of your case.

Getting Approved For Disability

You may feel you qualify for disability because your lifestyle has changed drastically, or you were injured to the point where you can no longer work. That doesn’t mean you will automatically get final approval. Many cases are denied initially. That is why you should follow the right protocol should you get a denial letter. Don’t wait. Take the letter to an attorney who specializes in social security disability and injury cases. The legal team may advise you to also file for unemployment (if applicable to your case) and possibly workmen’s compensation if you haven’t already. Now is also a good time to access any employment benefits available to you such as short-term disability or supplemental accident insurance.

Seeking Legal Counsel

Your attorneys will be your main communication hub once you get a case started. They will go over all points of your case and gather facts about your accident, who was responsible and information about your medical insurance and other insurance companies that may be involved. They will contact your medical care provider to make sure they have all of the medical records needed to help you win your case. They will be the liaison between any other attorneys involved in your case or with the other party. They will do their best to try to settle your case and resolve any issues outside of the courtroom. If litigation is needed, they will go over the details with you beforehand so you’re not blindsided when making a sworn statement.

Being disabled or injured can leave you feeling helpless. Let a qualified attorney fight for you and get you the legal representation you need so you can move on with your life.