Disclaimer: the material presented in the article below should only be considered as a general overview regarding injuries from a vehicle accident. Should you, or anyone you know, find yourself in the situation, it’s best that you speak to a car accident lawyer immediately. He/she can help you decide on what are the best legal actions to take.

Nobody expects to be part of a vehicle accident; it happens in a single fleeting moment that would shock, frighten and hurt anyone. If you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident, it’s not surprising that you were confused on what you should do next. After getting involved in a vehicle accident and getting injured, there are things that you should consider to protect your rights and ensure that you’ll have a solid case when filing a lawsuit. Here are the things to consider legally if you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident so you can claim compensation for the damages you’ve endured. 

  • Call the police as soon as you can.

Make sure to call the police immediately and tell them what happened with all honesty.  Insurance adjusters will talk to the police officers that you spoke to, especially if there’s a question on the fault. Not talking to the police right after the accident would only decrease your claim. 

  • No matter what happens, don’t engage in an argument with the other driver.

No matter who you think is at fault, never argue with the other driver. Arguing will not fix your car, or make you heal from your injury faster. If you argue, you might end up aggravating the other driver. You might anger the other driver to the point that he/she would blame the accident on you instead, and he/she wouldn’t cooperate with the insurance company.

  • Never forget to take down the other driver’s information.

If you want to make sure that the other driver would compensate you, be sure to take down notes of the other driver’s information.

        Get the Other Driver’s:

  • Full Name
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Vehicle Type
  • License Plate Number
  • Car Insurance Company
  • Insurance Policy Number

Check for the other driver’s car insurance policy. 

The other driver’s insurance policy shouldn’t be expired, and if it is, make sure to take down notes of it. If the car’s insurance is not under his/her name, make sure to take down notes of the policy holder’s name and information.

 Make sure to record every detail of the accident.

Don’t forget to write down every detail of the accident that you can remember.

Never forget to take down:

  • The road condition
  • Your speed and the other driver’s speed
  • When the accident occurred

If you can, take pictures of the area where the accident happened, conditions of your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle. If you can’t do this, ask someone else who is capable instead.

Look for witnesses.

Look for people who were in the scene, and ask them if they can confirm your story to the police. If you can ask for their contact information, so you can take them to the police to give a statement.

Immediately go to a hospital.

Make sure to go to a doctor as soon as you can, and never forget to document any injury that you’ve received during the accident. If you won’t go to a hospital immediately, chances are your claim would be lower.

Keep track of all your medical treatments and expenses related to your accident.

Make sure that you keep everything documented; every treatment you received and every medicine you’ve taken. Never forget to note if your treatment was done by a specialist, as most insurance companies would give special therapies a higher value.

Make sure your doctor takes note of every detail of your injury and recovery. Keep track of all your medications; from small medicines such as pain reliever up to specialized medicines for your injury.

All your medical expenses that you accrue because of the injury should also be documented. Keep all your receipts and prescriptions should also be kept. If you can, take pictures of your injury from the time of the accident up to the time of your recovery.

A vehicle accident is a sudden and traumatic experience. Unfortunately, almost every driver will encounter a vehicle accident at least once in his/her lifetime. If you’ve been part of a vehicle accident, these things can help you, but it’s advisable that you should see a lawyer as soon as you can. A lawyer can help you know what to do next and plan how you can pursue compensation. It can be devastating to be involved in an accident and get injured. It can be financially, physically and psychologically traumatizing, but never let this experience blind you.