Each year thousands of dollars worth of medical books and content is pirated across the world to make black money and transferred to finance further illegal content and piracy.

On Dec 6, 2017 our website started a sting operation on a vietnamese website that has been allegedly advertising on Google and  Facebook for selling many US medical CME videos worth thousands of dollars for a fraction of money they are worth of.

We started talking to their email address written on the website and asked whether they would give it to us on a cheaper price. The representative immediately lowered the price so they can get a “customer”. Later he did say that the videos are latest 2017 edition being offered at Oakstone CME website. The videos and documents along with it costs around $1600 after including taxes and shipping. But this website was offering them at a mere $120 to be downloaded directly by a Google Drive account.

Our representative did got access to the content and verified that this was indeed the latest content. The service has been using PayPal for all their illegal money transfers and Google Drive to distribute the content to “customers”.

We opened a dispute claim to get our money back from the alleged person involved in piracy and contacted Oakstone, PayPal and Google for comment. We will update the article after receiving comments from the companies.